Soong ching ling two letter to sun yat-sen Sun Gushu made public for the first time

liberation daily news (reporter Zhu Min Wu) to commemorate the 30th anniversary of soong ching ling’s death, a two-day & other; Soong ching ling and its age & throughout; International academic conference opens in Shanghai yesterday. Conference, invited participants of sun yat-sen’s great-grandson Sun Guosheng introduced in 2009, the newly discovered two soong ching ling letter in English, this is the first time this two training content, came to light.

this two letters are the soong ching ling in the 1940 s to zhi-qiang sun (the sun) of sun yat-sen’s letter, a letter was written in 1941 on April 19, is the soong ching ling to zhi-qiang sun who have just graduated from the university of California Berkeley issued a letter of congratulations, letter to talk about and their views on the nature of world war ii; Another letter was written in July 5, 1942, soong ching ling introduced in the letter the day before she in chongqing to general chennault as & other; The flying tigers & throughout; At the picnic. The letter of zhi-qiang sun in overseas sun-style posterity expressed the thoughts of love.

seminar by Shanghai soong ching ling institute, Shanghai soong ching ling foundation, soong ching ling sun yat-sen cultural relics and administration committee of Shanghai municipal government jointly organized by ZhongFuHui.