Soong mei-ling love to eat meat “” black officer face lost old man called for inheritance

Huang Wanjin showed reporters normal tendon and & other The tiger jin & throughout;

think of modern nutrition, food nutrition is rich, black to kidney, prevent aging, have the effect of health life. A table but dark black dumplings, tendon, pig, steamed buns, dumplings, chicken feet in front of you, do you dare to eat? Yesterday morning, the city gulou mo sorrow new lotus Huang Wanjin old man in the home, the reporters saw the distinctive black food. According to Mr Huang Lao said, because, like to eat the black food, at the time called & other; Black officer food & throughout; . But since the outbreak of the Anti-Japanese War, the officer board was lost for more than 70 years. In 2010, Mr Huang Lao will be applied for a patent for invention black food. But now Mr Huang Lao is 95 years old, he wants to send the patent to relevant government departments, to transfer these skills by the government.

Chiang soong mei-ling all love to eat, black food upgraded to & other; Black officer food & throughout;

yesterday morning, the reporter comes to Huang Wanjin old man home. The situation this year is 95 years old, but mentally alert. Speak of the black board, Mr Huang Lao to recall the past more than 80 years ago.

& other; In 1928, 11 years old, I began my cousin Li Fu fully open the double phoenix garden when man. Double phoenix park is mainly do the black food, I also follow my cousin learn the method of making the black food. The mayor of nanjing and cousin very well at that time, often to the double phoenix garden for dinner. Because he and song meiling is students to stay in the United States, soong mei-ling is often to come over. Song meiling after black food restaurant to eat, feel very delicious. VIP Tomlinson of the republic of China at that time, yu you-ren, tai chi-tao wrote, chang chun, China’s Chen lifu, Chen Guofu etc, are frequently to the double phoenix garden to eat black food here, when citizens of black food here is called & lsquo; Officer, food & rsquo; . Throughout the &;

about Chiang and soong mei-ling favorite dish, Mr Huang Lao from the fridge like a pot of black tendon. & other; This is the most like to eat vegetables, Chiang kai-shek was made with pig tendon. Because nutrition is rich, the person & lsquo; The tiger jin & rsquo; , it means that higher nutrition than tiger bar. As for the song meiling, her most like to eat & lsquo; The bear’s paw & rsquo; . Is this dish with high quality pig’s feet, JingTianRan melanin deployment. The pig’s feet braised, black and white broth of black and white, raise colour, breast enhancement effect and so on. Throughout the &; Mr Huang Lao said.

Mr Huang Lao told reporters at the same time, the song meiling not only their daily consumption of these black food, also often let the double phoenix garden to send food to the designated place. & other; Soong mei-ling often let attendants menu sent one day in advance, my cousin on the second day sent to the designated place. Send the most, is the central hotel is located in zhongshan east road, lizhi club, and is located in the beautiful house of purple mountain. Throughout the &;

the Anti-Japanese War broke out, & other; Black officer food & throughout; Lost

in just a few years, however, in 1937, the Anti-Japanese War broke out, the double phoenix park staff follow the army hospital moved to suzhou, nanxun, huzhou, etc, for the officers and men of the war of resistance against Japan to provide daily food supply. After the fall of nanjing, the double phoenix park heavy casualties, also survived with refugees spread to all parts of the country. Double phoenix park & other; Black officer food & throughout; Lost.

after the liberation, Huang Wanjin was arranged to work in factories, no more contact with black food. After retirement, not to make black food art alive, Huang Wanjin self-raised funds, ingredients of choose and buy, at the same time, tried to recollect the producing method, after years of experiments and got lost more than 70 years of formula resurfaced. In 2010, Mr Huang Lao won issued by the state intellectual property office & other; Containing plant melanin of black food processing method & throughout; Invention patent.

old, hope to send the patent to the government

let Mr Huang Lao regret, however, is 95 years old, black food production technology, but passing on no one.

& other; I only have a son, and is largely in water conservancy, and the little interest in cooking. If to others, I also not whether this is reliable, the skills learned ability. Now I hope to be able to put this technology to the government, by the government departments to find relevant personnel for further research and development, promotion, etc. If exports, someday I will more wonderful. Throughout the &; Mr Huang Lao told reporters.

why is food?

is the use of the original black rice leaves

black food is so popular at the time, how to make it black? Mr Huang Lao a flower pot, with a kind of inside small shrubs. Mr Huang Lao tells a reporter, this bush called black rice tree. The food pigment dyed black, is to use black rice leaves to squeeze out of the tree.

the reporter understands, also known as the south rice tree candle, because people April 8th lunar calendar (fujian and other places for the lunar March 3) laid making black rice, and so called a tree. Black rice tree like light, drought, cold, in the south of the Yangtze river region. According to “compendium of materia medica” records, black rice & other leaves; Intestines and stomach can lip color, interest, destroyed three worms and essence, strong bones and muscles & throughout; , often feed can improve blood circulation, prevent hardening of the arteries, anti-aging.

which can find the black rice tree?

horses and nanjing jiangning can find

Mr Huang Lao told reporters: & other; Old nanjing people know these words, & lsquo; April 8th Ukraine dinner & rsquo; . Authentic black rice is to black rice tree leaves after the pound, will soak glutinous rice, made after nine steam nine sun. Black rice juice of the tree has a special kind of scent, and the effect of improving eyesight kidney. How much horses along the tree before, now very rare, but also can find some place in jiangning. The juice is red, color darker than that of hawthorn juice. Ordinary people will only do black rice, make dishes is to control the concentration of black rice SAP. Throughout the &;