South Africa is now the border hole site Modern history noted 40000 years ago


is one of the earliest modern archaeology thought 20000 years ago the people, but the latest archaeological finds of South Africa’s border cave culture of modern civilization and pushed forward in 24000.

according to the daily mail reported, an international research team in South Africa, according to archaeological discoveries in modern 44000 years ago, earlier than previously thought in 24000.

border cave culture

mulberry with Africa people like

a key problem in the history of human evolution is that modern civilization is when to appear. Before most archaeologists think, one of the oldest modern civilization is South Africa a hunter-gatherer civilization & ndash; & ndash; African people, dates back 20000 years ago. But South Africa university department of ancient human, according to the latest findings with him in South Africa a called & other; Border hole & throughout; Where excavated tools that modern civilization appeared in about 44000 years ago. A senior fellow at the lucinda & middot; Buck, said Dr & other; Archaeological materials found in the border with South Africa hole after analysis found that Africa as the SAN material culture in a number of factors with 44000 years ago in the cave of the people living culture, science and technology. Throughout the &;

this international research team from the United Kingdom, South Africa, France, Italy, Norway and the United States of scientists, research in South Africa. The team from the French national scientific research center director francesco, & middot; Led, Eric, they discovered in the hole along the border of archaeological objects are analyzed. Border hole is located in South Africa’s kwazulu – tal Lebombo mountain foothills, the team found well preserved in the cave of the tool. Barker, said that residents of the cave with an ostrich egg and shells to decorate yourself, with the gap of bone to tag.

& other; They made drill joints and quenching poison arrows, each joints are decorated with painted with red paint of the spiral groove, and African mulberry also use similar method is used to decorate the hunting arrow. Throughout the &; Buck said.

border cave people know

Poison and wax

have incision on a stick on the residue after chemical analysis found that like mulberry people use the tools, the stick is used to carry a contain of castor beans acid poison. This could be the earliest evidence of human use of poison.

in the hole in the border, the scientists also found that the woody plants in the inner bark fiber wrapped in a piece of wax, a mixture of toxic poinsettia resin inside. Buck said: & other; The complex mixture is used to stick arrow or tools, history can be traced back to 40000 years ago, this is one of the known human use of wax at the earliest. Throughout the &;

warthog tusks are residents of cave cut into drill and spear tip, in addition, they also with small stones to make a hunting weapon, through the analysis, the scientists found some resin residue stones attached. Is stone tools and other tools were found in the same archaeological layers.

the archaeological research results has been in the process of the national academy of sciences magazine published on the website.

modern express reporter li xin compiled

mulberry Africa people

the African people, is a primitive hunting life in southern Africa & ndash; Collect national, also called Bushmen (Bushmen). Mainly distributed in namibia, Botswana, Angola, Zimbabwe, South Africa and Tanzania.

usually think they belong to, Mr. Luo race Ethan type, but African mulberry people in various aspects and Mongolia race is more close to, is the oldest indigenous people in southern Africa and East Africa. Bushmen language is the language, no text, has been living a life hunting and gathering, are mostly at the different stage of primitive society. Much faith, all things have spirit have tribal totem. Confusing is, from the perspective of anthropology, the bushmen belong to what RACES type, until today is still a no solve the mystery. Bushmen short stature, only 1.38 meters, the highest woman and a man does not exceed 1.60 meters. As to who is their ancestors, and no one knows. Comprehensive