South Korea will chemical castration scope expansion to all sexual violence prisoners

Beijing, March 17 (xinhua) according to yonhap news agency reported, the ministry said Tuesday, South Korea, will take effect since 19 “sexual violence offenders sex drive drugs related law amendment. To all the amendments include sexual violence committed sexual perversion of the disease patients in drug treatment (chemical castration). The amendments on December 18, announced last year, three months after the execution of the grace period.

before chemical castration is only applicable to juvenile criminals, infringement of less than 16 amendment after implementation scope will expand to all ages, as well as the amendment prior to the implementation of the sex offender paraphilia disease patients. Amendment bylaw provisions, amendment applies to before the implementation date line of violent crime is committed.

chemical castration for perverts in drugs and psychological therapy at the same time, in a certain period of diminished libido. Suitable objects for sex offenders in 19 years of age or older paraphilia, because its recurrence probability. Through the diagnosis and identification of psychiatrists, court declared that command after treatment, the criminals released two months ago, execute the measures. When the court convicted command or guardianship treatment orders, for parole criminals agreed to accept treatment, the court shall have the right to verdict & other; Chemical castration & throughout; The following 15 years.

is expected after amendment implementation, chemical castration object will be expanded, but the courts have put forward the law unconstitutional law currently trial request, therefore also can predict the specific circumstances. Criminal court last month 8 field district court said that I agree to execute the law was not available, could lead to violation of the criminal basic rights concerns, thus put forward the unconstitutional law with the constitutional court trial.

since July 2011 the implementation of drug therapy to 14 this month, a total of 34 cases of entrusted by identification, in which decision in the treatment of 4 cases, from last year may have 1 case is ongoing.

legal protection of the legal supervisor Li Zhexi said that expanding preventive crime, drug treatment can better protect national security, therefore will actively called for psychiatric evaluation and treatment orders.