South Korea’s divine comedy “jiangnan Style” click to break the 300 million break the guinness world record

“jiangnan style”

the newspaper comprehensive news A few days ago, Korean singer PSY to escape university campus festival, sing the divine comedy “jiangnan Style”, jumped up his trademark & other; Riding dance & throughout; , the scene again crazy scenes. The jiangnan Style since July 15, after the video web site Youtube, Korean bird uncle PSY this holy in just three months, will set a new guinness world record & ndash; & ndash; At one stroke to more than 220 & other; Like” (like) a good result, scrub the LMFAO (” Party Rock Anthem “more than 157 & other; Like”) , Justin Bieber (” Baby “more than 132 & other; Like”) Became the most popular & other Youtube history; Love & throughout; Video on YouTube and has nearly 300 million hits.

association, director of the guinness book of world records, said: & other; For the past two months the hottest video on the Internet the most incredible, in the past year, there was never a video can be viewed over 100 million times, but the jiangnan Style with only less than three months to create a miracle. Throughout the &;

at present, the “jiangnan Style” has got the American Billboard first (301000), YouTube, one hundred big music downloads in the first place, leading the global multinational 30 iTunes list and boarded the iTunes MV first ranking of the top of the south Korean pop music and so on many awards, in addition, the only single now for the Billboard hot 100 singles chart Lord list 11th, also is likely to become the first rushed into the Billboard top 10 Asian singles.

at the same time, the jiangnan Style of horse riding step is triggered global imitation, adaptation boom: the Obama campaign & other; Style” , the United States navy & other; Style” And so on. At the same time, the domestic have to blow all kinds & other Style” Cyclone: Shanghai yangpu & other; Style” And Stephen chow & other; Style” , & other Hakka version style” , & other Snow aunts version style” Various versions. CFP figure