South sent three uncle after guo jingming also promoted as book company deputy chief editor

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south sent his uncle was inaugurated as motie books deputy editor

the guo as a writer in publishing after the officer to publishers, deputy chief editor, and a Chinese writer list of best-selling author as publishing industry executives. Yesterday, a well-known private books motie books official weibo said in a news release, & other; Sharpens iron important personnel information: south sent his uncle from now on, was inaugurated as deputy chief editor of motie books. Throughout the &; Then, south sent three uncle himself to west China metropolis daily reporter confirmed the news.

officer: is responsible for the comic novel contributions solicitation planning

at the end of 2011, the sole blockbuster launch in west China metropolis daily in 2011, the sixth author list, south sent his uncle with 15.8 million yuan annual royalties,

ranked second in the list, behind & other; Top & throughout; Guo jingming.

in the books of the personnel information issued the official weibo, also details revealed after the south wing of his uncle, & other; Responsible for the company’s novels, comic works of scientific journals.the planning work, some key writer brand maintenance, some key projects such as books. By signing writer into corporate executives, sharpens iron book south sent his uncle in the publishing industry limited, use more outside of its writing talents. Throughout the &; South originally sent three tertiary grinding iron book writer, super nice magazine editor. His masterpiece “the grave notes”, “desert grey Wolf”, etc. Are all the rage.

officer is bad when: there are strict performance review

famous publisher publisher friends on weibo south to send three uncle, & other; The immortal is bad when administers. There are strict performance appraisal indicators. Do you have any Monkey King wear straitjacket of pleasure? Throughout the &; In west China metropolis daily reporter interview, however, as a poet and publisher of the publisher, this phenomenon also to publisher writer said, & other; Writer, publisher, familiar with the literature, the text is more sensitive, and communicate with other writers, is open, the advantage of these are ready to publish. Throughout the &;