Soybeans play mulan reluctant to call “cross-dressing” : a man than men

on April 25, 26, by China famous dancer soybeans and the original Japanese takarazuka stars really jean wing co-star in sino-japanese cooperation music ballet “mulan” poly theatre, will be. 30, soybeans for the media shows the fragment, and said he want to hua mu LAN is a & other; Endowment, filial piety is the man’s general image than men, won’t make mulan feminine women, their dance also will be my the continuation of masculine dance style before, so I don’t think this is a cross-dressing. Throughout the &;

china-japan cooperation music ballet “mulan” drawn from the advancement of mulan for the father of a household Chinese traditional story, by the international team creation and performance between China and Japan. Known as & other; Japanese gagaku first & throughout; Said the Japanese composer east instrument show the composition of trees and watanabe, yulin, Japanese famous stage director, choreographer field remote choreography, together with the Chinese famous dancer soybeans, according to “the mulan phrase” creative adaptation. Soybeans play mulan in the play, and have always been good at playing the roles of male the original Japanese takarazuka stars really jean wings will play in the drama, general.

as one of Chinese producers, soybeans biggest feeling is the expression of this show & other; Both diversity and unity throughout the &; : & other; One of the characteristics of this play is the organic combination of different types of dance together, both classical dance, ballet, jazz dance, modern dance and movement of street dance. Music is the combination of Japanese gagaku and modern pop music, at the same time to absorb and integrate the Chinese traditional music, modern musical, traditional folk songs, opera, drama and other diversified performance elements. In addition, we in the play of the clothing and modelling, quite have the feeling of anime, should let the young audience favorite. Throughout the &;