Spain is “young version of the” Mona Lisa “actress more young and charming

left for Da Vinci original, copy right for their students work

the xinhua news agency this morning electric

1 shows a picture of a Spanish museum & other; Young version & throughout; “Mona Lisa” pictures, the leading lady look & other than in the original Younger, more attractive & throughout; .

the Mona Lisa is a famous Italian painter leonardo Da Vinci’s masterpiece, it is collect the Louvre museum in France.

Madrid museum of this picture is found in the museum basement, authenticity was identified. Spanish media and the art newspaper magazine reported that copy belong to the same period, is a student copy of leonardo Da Vinci, actress and leonardo Da Vinci’s women for the same people, the same nose and mysterious smile, just looks more young.

the art newspaper believes that this work is helpful to understand how Da Vinci created the original, & other; A sensational discovery will change our understanding of the world’s most famous painting & throughout; .