“Speaking like a book” at huang jianxiang flaw: he wrote as well

huang jianxiang

report from our correspondent “speaking like a book” this year started the readers & other; Onlookers famous blog & throughout; In April, & other; Onlookers & throughout; The masters is huang. Yesterday, “speaking like a book” magazine published & other; Onlookers & throughout; The results. “Speaking like a book”, said as the famous football show host, huang jianxiang is good at verbal expression ability, but a wide-ranging, often leaves a flaw. Chinese experts said in comments: & other; Huang jianxiang write more! Throughout the &; They suggest that huang jianxiang also practise & other; Finishing & throughout; .

“speaking like a book”, said huang jianxiang seemingly ran so many statements, like football players dribbling breakthrough, left plate right around, before picking hook, after see great skill, but tends to fall short on the use of key words. As the context of the phenomenon of jose mourinho said: & other; Jose mourinho’s chess better not only in the overall design of the tactics and use & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &; & other; Chess is better & throughout; Should be & other; Outmanoeuvre sinochem when & throughout; , not in Chinese & other; Chess is better & throughout; The claim. , read useful ā o, this refers to the place, put into, in the chess, chess & also said other The chess & throughout; . Extension, the move is also called a move. & other; Outmanoeuvre sinochem when & throughout; Mean, each step chess skill.

in “speaking like a book” point of view, huang jianxiang & other; Finishing & throughout; Kung fu, more surface for easy to mix now words on the lack of detailed analysis, so in his article, words are misplaced things often happen. In an article entitled & other; On November 22, 2010, & throughout; Post, huang said, & other; Centralized some government grant at the tech pr of practice & hellip; & hellip; Don’t take the world’s first, of course, is failure. Throughout the &; In the & other; Public relations & throughout; With & other; Research & throughout; Confuse STH with STH else. Research, this refers to running the fort, then referring to overcome difficulties. Public relations, namely, public relations, this is a concept in western management, organizations, enterprises or individuals in the social activities. & other; Research & throughout; With & other; Public relations & throughout; Although the homophones, but are very different things.

“don’t blame CCTV,” the article said: & other; Who thought that both China and South Korea confrontation, four games to the Korean club 4-0 for! Goal to speak, Chinese football suddenly turned back to the prototype. Throughout the &; The & other; Prototype & throughout; Apparently & other; Prototype & throughout; By mistake.

“speaking like a book”, said huang’s other disciplines involved in sports outside, often appear some holes. As the fans get embarrassed, said: & other; So don’t lead to political history, then you must be very bad, because the two opium wars and the boxer indemnity have Britain’s evil, is lonely Italy with little ability to invade in modern China. Throughout the &; Modern means of opium war began to (1840) & other; The May 4th movement & throughout; (1919) between a period of time, this time Italy does not invade China before? In fact, in 1900, the boxers anti-imperialist patriotic struggle, Italy and Britain, the United States, Germany, France, Russia, Japan, Austria and other The g8 coalition & throughout; , invading China. During the war of aggression, Italian troops involved in the invasion of invasion of tianjin, Beijing, and took part in the g8 coalition military parade was held in the Forbidden City. From 1900 to 1902, the Italian again by force in tianjin haihe river north shore encroached on large areas of land, on May 2, 1902 Italian forced the qing government to sign the “articles of association of tianjin concession contract”, formally set up in tianjin concession. Italy also forced the qing government to admit its embassy in Beijing and tianjin concession to the soil, and sent the army in China for a long time.