“Speaking like a book” onlookers li yinhe: talk about “sex” often leave a flaw

this year “speaking like a book” & other; Onlookers famous blog & throughout; July & other activities, Onlookers & throughout; Is the famous sociologist li yinhe. Yesterday, the reporter learns from the “speaking like a book” the newsroom, experts found after 1 things: li yinhe post thoughtful, writing ability, less caused by attitude deficient low-level mistake, is the high frequency errors appear frequently in language use, in her blog, li yinhe’s & other; Weakness & throughout; In the not enough to understand the law.

such as li called for in the blog to & other; The two sessions & throughout; Submit & other; Bill & throughout; Or & other Throughout the proposal &; , through legislation to solve a tangle of social problems. But for what is & other; Bill & throughout; What is & other; Throughout the proposal &; , she is fuzzy. “To feminist name” the article said: & other; A few years ago, in order to solve the problem of unemployment, a CPPCC member has put forward let woman back home. Throughout the &; In fact, according to our country, the relevant provisions of the Chinese people’s political consultative conference committee submitted should call & other; Throughout the proposal &; , is it possible to put forward & National People’s Congress on behalf of the other; Bill & throughout; .

li yinhe respect civil & other Sexual freedom & throughout; That in the current law of our country has damage citizen & other; Sexual rights & throughout; Terms, repeal, support & other; Prostitution & throughout; & other; Whoring & throughout; & other; Licentious & throughout; Such as SINS, but she is a lack of research on related legal clause, even & other; Method & throughout; And & other Sin & throughout; The concept of mixed up, too. The who to protect professor wang sexual rights?” Said: & other; Licentious method is an unconstitutional law, the contradiction between it and the constitution of the constitution to respect and safeguard human rights, and licentious law violations of the fundamental rights of citizens. Throughout the &; But our country has not & other; Licentious method & throughout; , li of the “criminal law” clearly & other; Group licentiousness & throughout; Terms and conditions as & other; Licentious method & throughout; . In other article, li also & other; Manufacture, sell, disseminates pornographic products & throughout; , as well as & other; To organize, force, seduce, shelter or introduce a prostitution charges & throughout; , false became & other; Obscene article method & throughout; & other; Prostitution laws & throughout; .

is a famous sexologist li yinhe, getting her & other; Sex & throughout; Knowledge should be very rich, but she also often leave flaw when talking about these topics.

“the difference between gay and incest” the article said: & other; China’s han dynasty emperor almost all young men, the folk also have a lot of gay sex, not taboo, instead have & lsquo; Yu Tao & rsquo; & lsquo; Cut sleeve & rsquo; Such as 美谈 widely circulated. Throughout the &; The expert points out, this “speaking like a book” & other; Yu Tao & throughout; Allusion is not occurred in the han dynasty, but the story of “the son of the warring states period and WeiLing defect. (reporter OuYangChunYan)