Splendid flower valley, the title song at pre 200 million to 200 million

reporter Ma Li/article 马骥/drawing Wu Huang/taken

& other; You see the book, no traces of eat by moth, save for another 1000 years all have no problem! Throughout the &; Art historian, professor of China academy of Fan Jingzhong, wearing white gloves, gently turn pages, very sigh with emotion.

he hands the well-preserved ancient books, called “the splendid flower valley”, is the process all over the world’s largest song edition book, once in the famous library & other; A cloud floor & throughout; In, and sealed in 150.

yesterday, kuang shi auction company in Beijing with the work, and careful selection of ancient calligraphy and painting, modern calligraphy and painting, antique curios, oil painting, sculpture, hundred treasures of contemporary arts and crafts of 28 kinds of touring in zhejiang university library.

on June 3, the led by the splendid flower valley, more than 170 kinds of cloud floor library, kuang shi at Beijing in the spring of 2012, nearly two hundred million yuan, the total value is expected to break the world record for the largest ancient auction.

a book.

song dynasty people writing so

intact becomes an orphan “splendid flower valley” forty volumes, set before forty volumes, set after forty volumes, the world of process is the largest song version of the book.

version of the book is very valuable, song poets write, sung people carved, poets in printing, the earlier versions, the less mistakes, preserved the reporting of the history books are more accurate. & other; Can now save orphan, quantity is not much, about 23000 species, a book to save one or two copies and more common, the splendid flower valley can complete preservation, 40 volumes and shuppim is very good, very rare, are of great value in literature research. Throughout the &;

value is high, thanks to impress them

this book in folk circulation of more than 800 years, no bug eat by moth, the paper is also not CuiSheng, but thanks to a cloud of the building Lord people careful maintenance, also related to the hangzhou marker level at that time.

in the song dynasty, there are three song edition book engraving center, in zhejiang, fujian and sichuan province. Among them, zhejiang photocopy version is regarded as the best song, is the highest art value. Zhao Meng e ? ? ˉ calligraphy, song edition of the book

& other; From the font style, paper, KeShu place is estimated near hangzhou. Throughout the &; Fan Jingzhong, said “the splendid flower valley” is the masterpiece of zhejiang Ming edition of commentaries, font fine degree has been affecting the later Chinese books signet, print now is from zhejiang.

reporter saw, the end of the book, each page has carved the name, such as & other; Pan publication & throughout; . In the pages, there are traces of proofreading. For example, a & other; Evening & throughout; Words are circle, the inscription of the blank space on the top of the page again, correction for & other; For a long time & throughout; .

& other; Song dynasty inscription, earn money by lettering is, if is my moment, I will collect the money of the page. Throughout the &; The 85 – year – old snow, is the institute of ancient books, a retired professor of zhejiang university. Reporter noticed that, when the books, he deliberately obscure the light out of the window, with his hands to protect the book.

poets write articles mainly refer to the book

“splendid flower valley” in fact, the song dynasty people encyclopedia and & other Database & throughout; , called & other; Books & throughout; . The author himself once read a book, the knowledge of knowledge, according to the different content, classify, which compiled. Such as earth, and plants, animals, calligraphy and painting, etc.

& other; Writing articles, was the top issue for Chinese scholars, such as a friend’s birthday, he felt & lsquo; Stomach empty & rsquo; Going to check, there is no literature books store, book. Throughout the &; Fan Jingzhong, said “the splendid flower valley” is the song dynasty scholar poetry writing & other Reference books & throughout; .

in those days to compile an encyclopedia, the author is expo encyclopedia of the artist. However, now the academic circles haven’t textual research to the author’s name, only know that is the southern song dynasty filial piety people. In this “splendid flower valley”, the author allusions, cited some of the content of books, including “chuang tzu”. There are plenty of books by reference, now but still stored for a long time, only residual page.

& other; The MengXi writing, “was the author cited many times, there are 13, is now the MengXi stature” in. Throughout the &; Fan Jingzhong said, in this category, we can also for the knowledge structure, the universe and of the elders have explored.

a building.

collection of the collection is everyone is so

to understand why the splendid flower valley can be preserved so well, might as well first seen cloud floor library history.

a cloud building built in the qing dynasty daoguang years, suzhou collector wen-bin gu’s former residence, for four generations of a guggenheim collection of painting and calligraphy, ancient books, by taking the su dongpo, all & other; All is passing & throughout; . Because & other; A cloud floor & throughout; Ancient Qian collection was refined and more, set the song, and the fine old copy writing engraved, Ming and qing dynasties fell yin-pu over 800, and is known as & other Jiangnan first & throughout; .

among them, three quarters of books, has shifted in the last century to the library, and a quarter of 170, nearly 500 copies, is the only national library is still in private hands. In 2005, this batch of books with the price of 23 million yuan has created the ancient books record the price of the auction market. Seven years later, this batch of good edition in the auction market again, nearly two hundred million yuan price, waiting for their new owners.