“Spring chicken” translated as “spring chicken” 2158 Chinese unified English translation

Four xi balls were translated into Four glad meat balls (meat) Four happy, moo shu pork was turned into a Wood mustache meat (Wood beard meat), Drunk crab became Drunk crab (drink high crab) & hellip; & hellip; These English in stitches Chinese food dishes may disappear from the menu of the restaurant in the city. City foreign affairs office and speaks foreign languages office recently jointly published the food garden & ndash; translation & ndash; fixed English translations for Chinese menus, for 2158 Chinese food & other; Name & throughout; .

justify Chinese dish name unified specification

with the increasing degree of internationalization, a growing number of restaurants in the city began to provide a menu in English or in both Chinese and English bilingual. But the translation of Chinese dishes have been no standard method, many restaurant owners to Chinese menu translation into English, make a lot of jokes. A restaurant once popular kidneys directly translated into Pork flower (Pork), foreign diners a scratching his head.

& other; Chinese dishes, not only contains the information of raw materials, also mix a lot of culture, historical events, such as names, formed a unique way of naming. Throughout the &; In charge of city foreign affairs office said that a lot of hotel restaurant menu in English, not only foreigners can’t understand, even the familiar & other; Throughout Chinese & English; Domestic English teacher and fog.

the new issue of gourmet translation center “basic covers eight great cuisines of mainstream dishes, from cooking to the various dinner dishes are income and translated into foreigners can understand the English name. City official in charge of foreign affairs office, said the city’s restaurants can consult standard menu translation printed in the book, but not enforced.

misgivings Why poussin translation & other; Throughout the spring chicken &;

Chinese food full of beautiful things in eyes, many dishes also has a unique source. In the preparation of standard translations, many dishes are triggered editorial committee, expert controversy within the team. Has been translated into Chicken without sex (Chicken) haven’t had sex poussin the vindicated for Spring Chicken (literal translation for Spring Chicken), the netizens.

Beijing foreign studies university, professor Chen Lin told reporters, poussin’s English name would be a Spring chicken is conform to the characteristics of both Chinese and English language. Poussin Chinese meaning is not mating of chickens, and use English in general, Spring, summer, autumn, winter to describe the age characteristics of small animals, the primary to the maturation of general use Spring chicken chicken.

said Chen Lin, Braised lion in the standard translation is called Braised pork ball in brown sauce, and cannot be translated into Red burned lion head (Braised lion head). & other; If a foreign guest see menu there is a lion’s head, will complain to the animal protection organizations. Throughout the &; Chen Linxiao said.

in addition, Four translation methods like balls from Four glad meat balls (meat) Four happy instead of Braised pork balls in gravy (broth Braised pork meatball), Braised pork transliteration and free translation as Yuxiang shredded pork, bean curd from now made by woman with freckles (a face of freckles women do Tofu) to transliteration of the bean now.

translation translate to follow the rules of 7

according to introducing, because Chinese dishes form each different, very different translation methods. Chen Lin said that in the translation of Chinese food, expert team followed a free translation of seven basic translation rules, strive to make are ignorant of Chinese culture can understand foreign guests at a glance.

most Chinese food is given priority to with main ingredient, ingredients is complementary translation principles, such as lark mushroom buckle duck palm is translated into Mushrooms with duck webs. In cooking methods is given priority to, raw material is complementary translation way is relatively rare, for example hot kidneys into Sauté Ed pig kidney. Some dishes to follow in order to shape, taste is given priority to, raw material is complementary translation principles, home cooking Crispy chicken standard English name is Crispy chicken.

in Chinese dishes, many is give priority to name names, place names, this feature has been preserved. Such as dish translation for bean noodle now, Beijing is Noodles with soy bean paste Beijing style.

the reporter understands, reflect the Chinese culinary culture special food is to switch to Chinese pinyin name or transliteration, dumpling is transformed from the original dumpling for. Similarly the steamed stuffed bun Baozi, Tofu now, Chop suey Chop suey, etc. Not a literal translation or translation practice, raw materials, cannot be use Chinese pinyin. Fujian is a famous Buddha jumps over the wall just, Fotiaoqiang, snowballing usury son is L legal dagunr, it as the Douzhir, behind these dishes are filling the main raw material name. In addition, standardizes the plurality, using the principle of countable nouns.

in order to distinguish between the practice, experts also studied the English prepositions in and with the usage in the soup, the ingredients. Main ingredient is soaks in the sauce or ingredients used in connection, such as translated into Steamed ribs with taucu sauce beef ribs in black bean sauce, the sauce or dip in material and main ingredient is separate or after pouring in, connect with the main course.