Spring Festival gala 30 years of change: some difficult to show the people emotion

2012 Spring Festival, the CCTV Spring Festival gala birthday will have 30. As a contemporary the most remarkable mass culture landscape, the CCTV Spring Festival gala has created unparalleled glory, more experienced a variety of wind and rain with helpless & hellip; & hellip; According to the context of contemporary Chinese culture to the development of beats, Spring Festival gala can be roughly divided into three stages of development.

the first stage: the CCTV Spring Festival gala in 1983, is a CCTV made great contribution in the field of mass culture life. Since this year, Chinese holidays added something new: watch Spring Festival gala. The CCTV Spring Festival gala has become the contemporary life & other; New Year customs & throughout; . In the 1980 s is permeated with idealism passion, patriotic enthusiasm, inspiring era. Under the idealism light shine in all walks of life for the revitalization of the Chinese, implementation & other; Four modernizations & throughout; Hardworking, reflect on the stage, is the emergence of a large number of people’s popular songs, crosstalk, sketch shows. Song “my Chinese heart”, “the winter of a fire,” and “in the place of peach blossoms”, “back”, “sea, hometown”, “grass”, “grandma’s penghu bay”, “miss”, “alishan girl”, “15 moon”, “looking at the starry sky”, “bloody style”, “that’s what I”, “the long march is always feeling”, “descendants of the dragon”, “dedication of love”, “we are of the Yellow River”, “the moon send acacia Trinidad, singing and smiling,” unforgettable tonight “and so on, every year there are good songs from the stage all flew in all directions. During this period, is also a crosstalk sketch language program development period, represented by racing season, jiang kun crosstalk “cosmic brand cigarettes” in the 80 s, the most sought-after daydream, the elevator adventure, represented by Chen pei si, shimao zhu sketch “noodles”, “mutton string”, “the police and the thief”, such as “the leading role and supporting role” in people’s minds have left unforgettable memories forever.

look from creation mentality, from 1983 to 1993, the CCTV Spring Festival gala deep, deep into the people life, emotional creation, to make New Year’s eve can emerge in endlessly, continue to launch high-quality goods stage, thus become the era’s most creative momentum of popular literature and art.

the second stage: enter in the mid – 1990 – s, along with the rapid development of market economy, consumer consciousness began to grow in social life. In all kinds of consumer demand for cultural products, in particular, the increasing demand of TV programs. In front of the large number of television, people go up to the requirement of the CCTV Spring Festival gala, if the Spring Festival gala show can’t beyond the level of daily television literary arts, people will feel dissatisfied, and does not quench thirst.

Chinese TV has been heyday in the 90 s, the illuminating as heavenly galaxy of TV programs, the CCTV Spring Festival gala is people the most value of the New Year’s eve broadcast time, nature such as month become the most dazzling pearl in the CCTV program. In this context, some of the Spring Festival gala director is becoming more and more impetuous, some programs are becoming more and more difficult to common people’s emotion.

in addition, mass culture product industrialization and modelling, copycat clone phenomenon more and more serious, reflects in the field of Spring Festival gala show, is the lack of personality, show began. During this period, although also rolled out like playing poker, “working adventure”, “turn to sell” and so on some ideological connotation profound boutique shows, but compared with the 80 s boutique outstanding pomp, greatly reduce the number of high-quality goods during this period. In fact, with the national top creation for the CCTV Spring Festival gala performance talents, if you can dive to settle is completely have the ability to do well the program creation, more high-quality goods.

the third stage: hurt heart gala audiences in the recent five to six years, slowly become no longer fighting with Spring Festival gala. On the one hand, is due to the customs in quietly changing. For & other; After the 80 & throughout; & other; After the 90 & throughout; During the Spring Festival holidays may prefer to go out, & other; Watch the Spring Festival evening party & throughout; Is no longer a New Year’s eve shou sui must fulfill ceremony, the CCTV Spring Festival gala have been established for nearly 30 years of & other; New Year customs & throughout; Status is suffering from a severe challenge. On the other hand, due to the CCTV Spring Festival gala failed to meet some of the audience aesthetic desire for a long time, there are Internet users on the Internet for a few years ago the folk do Spring Festival gala. Then, various non-governmental gala, network gala, grass root gala system.

the Chinese Spring Festival gala mentality is also changing. People treat the mindset of Spring Festival gala is peace, & other; Bad program okay I accept, I also used throughout the &; . But if the audience is no longer the gala seriously, so for the CCTV Spring Festival gala, will be a potential crisis.

as a result, in recent years, the “avenue of stars”, “I want to go to the Spring Festival gala” stars of grass roots show more and more on stage. Let’s return to the people, return to art, has it been possible to restore people’s confidence in Spring Festival gala, a repeat of the that year Spring Festival gala is possible.