Stanford university also has “shaolin disciple” northern California to build the temple

at Stanford university & other; Shaolin disciple & throughout; With the shaolin master.

a Stanford university staff is undergoing martial arts instruction.

ride a small bike on the road of high speed jerry & middot; Thurman never thought for a moment, the car of a hand suddenly took off. After she was dumped down, subconsciously, just follow the shaolin master to do a forward roll, escaped injury.

& other; I never thought, I learn shaolin kung fu can benefit let me so quickly. Throughout the &; Remember the accident, more than a year ago, jerry so far. And also the accident, let then as Stanford university school of medicine & other; Health promotion plan & throughout; Collective fitness course director, she decided to shaolin kung fu of the introduction of the world famous universities. And jerry, became early & other Stanford university; Shaolin disciple & throughout; .

top universities of shaolin edge

under the bright sunshine of California, a dozen men and women of color different, age ranging from students to follow master from China’s shaolin temple, rhythm shaolin.

at the end of February, 2012, a picture of a such pictures hung up the Stanford university website home page. This photo, together with the titled & other; Stanford by shaolin kung fu to seek balance & throughout; Reported by the media widely forwarded, top Chinese kung fu in top universities in the United States, into a hot topic at the moment.

meanwhile, jerry and Paula early students, has been practiced for more than a year at Stanford shaolin kung fu. Paula is jerry colleagues at the Stanford university school of medicine. It was the old man was past sixty, the shaolin kung fu introduced to jerry, and promote the latter will officially introduced the Chinese culture at Stanford.

& other; In 2008, I suddenly encountered in California & lsquo; Sizes & rsquo; At the age of 62, and then start learning shaolin kung fu. Throughout the &; Recall to the reporter and shaolin predestination, Paula’s 65 – year – old cannot hide excited.

Paula & referring to the other; Sizes & throughout; , is executive director of the shaolin culture center, shaolin temple abbot shi yongxin apprentice delay.

in 2006, the second session of the world martial arts tournament held in zhengzhou, Paula with Stanford university school of medicine, tai chi exercise class took part in the game. After the game, organizers and arrange a line visited shaolin temple.

Paula told reporters that she had bought a book named “shaolin kung fu”, simply don’t understand at the time, just as a memento. But after returning to the United States, a picture of the book attracted Paula. Draw punch a young chef in the natural and unrestrained powerful, full engagement.

& other; I introduced each know to this image. I started in shaolin kung fu. Throughout the &; Paula said.