Star frequency of “culture” embarrassed “our son” was that sun li character does not know

(sun li to attend the conference Zhen Huan white)

the film and television actress sun li postpartum comeback, she recently in eastern TV “zhen 嬛 biography conference in response to reporters’ questions, son named denies and deng chao & other; Deng Lin & throughout; , the happy mother a face of smile said: & other I think is very strange, Deng Lin is probably because everyone is too like us, for our children’s name. Greeting card from a lot of friends ah, gifts are written ZhuLin son how, I said I later how to explain, unable to explain to the child & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &; This led to a net friend, batch of its & other Have no culture is terrible & throughout; .

on shelling

some netizens said: & other; The word ‘son was used to praise others children, her friends give her greeting card, is certainly the best blessing and praise, she thought is the child name? No wonder that these stars are illiterate, you go to read the dictionary can well explain to a child! Throughout the &; Some said, & other; Sun li you read more books? Have no culture less say a few words! Throughout the &; Many netizens said, & other; Heaven ‘son, it is written. More bullish on gift shop has a printed CARDS are so seal, grandson couple really don’t know. How many people don’t know what our son? It is for the masses, popularize knowledge of cultural luo & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &;

how to old & other; Kirin son & throughout; , & other Our son & throughout; , & other Our son & throughout; As the laudatory name to praise other people’s children. Sun li is so up, can be a bit embarrassed. Actually, don’t look too hard, because this error occurs first in the media, some entertainment report child is called Deng Lin, its source is from & other; Our son & throughout; . Besides, when a reporter’s question on the same day, also apparently didn’t realize & other; Our son & throughout; The true meaning of, we why demanding one grandson couple? Besides, sun li specialty is acting, not necessarily no omissions in knowledge.

frequent cultural embarrassment

grandson couple the embarrassment of culture, compared some awkward far beyond the grandson couple. Fan bingbing to promote new film “battle of wits” said & other; If catch up with the era of the Anti-Japanese War, I will be the character of liu hulan type, desperate to defend the country. Throughout the &; She gave & other; Throughout the liberation war &; Turned out to be & other; The Anti-Japanese War & throughout; . Wang baoqiang, lectured at fudan university, said several times & other Thirty six lines, line out of the top & throughout; To make a big joke. In a television program, jolin CAI in answer to a question test & other; The romance of The Three Kingdoms refers to which of The Three Kingdoms? Throughout the &; The answer, she turned out to be: & other; ,,, & throughout; And the cultural quality is questionable.

but improve literacy

the star is a public figure, they win more than the ordinary flower applause at the same time, they might even the slightest mistake will also be amplified into spread across thousands of news. To sun li, liu xiaoqing, zhang liangying, fan bingbing, wang baoqiang, jolin tsai, etc. Star will reduce if faced with a similar cultural embarrassment, but to raise their cultural accomplishment, which is why the older generation of artists has profound cultural accumulation, rarely encounter the real reason for such cultural embarrassment.

it should be noted that sometimes nagging will chide of star culture. Such as jay Chou’s “luyu about”, Chen took about lei feng’s magazine to jay Chou, and asked him if he know lei feng, jay Chou thought for a few seconds, said: & other; There is a song called & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &; The audience chorus said: & other; The study lei feng a good example! Throughout the &; Jay Chou to nod, Chen asked jay Chou: & other; Can you sing? Throughout the &; Jay said heard but I can’t sing. Part of the ultra netizens think, jay Chou did not understand the lei feng should not. Actually, jay Chou don’t know him from across the strait is very normal, admittedly, this is on both sides of the barrier, the difference caused by the, no need to criticism. Sun li is also a small mistake, not to & other; Terrible & throughout; The degree of; Believe that people could prose & other; Our son & throughout; Also not is one of the few, otherwise, how similar mistakes happen to some journalists and media in the first place?