Star language error: zhu “called” MAO anqing my father S claim to be wife

the language is an art, the Chinese language is broad and profound art, the language of the Chinese entertainment circle is already beyond the category of art.

you see, even with the “art life” made his name zhu, is not art to show the guest MAO said: not long ago, MAO anqing died, first of all, lamented the death of XiangGuFu. Although the host a slip of the tongue is a common thing, producers also dozen circle field said afterward, zhu do in order to reduce the distance between the interviewee. But “art life” please so many guests, zhu fan for so many times, is the use & other; My father & throughout; LaJinHu. I think I could with a sentence & other; My father is li gang & throughout; Synergies.

positive and aligning with zhu and big S, she and her husband wang to go to yunnan to donation & other; I hope the kitchen & throughout; , whether it’s true charity or false show, for the poverty of the local primary school, it is a good thing. Failure is failure at the time of big S affection, have on weibo to 1: the husband of catering services can toward a direction of development, wife and have a splendid! And on a speech sound, the degree of show MOE as inspired claims to small anakims;. This also education we, language is profound, ye wen be careful.

in fact, my father and wife words used in the entertainment circle is only regarded as primary materials. As to advanced teaching materials, has been completely ignored the logic and grammar. Such as box office can easily break 500 million “painted skin 2”, is so tell the audience before release, & other; In line with the quality of the film and the audience responsible attitude, decided to cancel the 2 d version of the show & throughout; , you pay a little money, please go to the 3 d. Such as wang quan ‘an again when it comes to the lust of the new film “white deer” play, very conceited is defined as: should be appropriate and elegant, is also strong. Decent, elegant, strong, I try to imagine the actors to give expression to these three temperament concentrated expression, the results of the week the stars in the “king of comedy”, performance & other; The son was born & hellip; & hellip; The wife died & hellip; & hellip; In the face, or the jackpot & hellip; & hellip; Son died & throughout; When the schizophrenia face.

from & other; Too simple, sometimes naive & throughout; To my father, wife to decent, elegant and strongly. These classic sentence again and again to refresh my understanding of the bottom line, let me repeatedly questioned what have learned the Chinese language and literature major. One is finite, while knowledge is infinite, the ancients is not I wrong.