Stone Mao sites to be included in the top ten archaeological discoveries suspected with women’s foundation stone walls

(2) the liao attends Beijing imperial city of Inner Mongolia west hillside temple ruins unearthed from the pictures the clay sculpture.

6 o in wenquan, djourou sites and cemetery excavations clean up the scene.

3. Henan luanchuan slips hole paleolithic site unearthed ancient human incisors.

the judges review vote, yesterday, the state administration of cultural heritage, Chinese cultural relic newspaper, Chinese archaeology jointly held a press conference, announced the 2012 national top ten archaeological discoveries, among them, the high ticket in shaanxi shenmu stone Mao site, there unearthed concentrated embedment of a large number of young women skull, archaeological researchers speculate that the skull or and walls to build the foundations of related activities or ritual activities.

department committee member, Chinese academy of social sciences archaeological research institute head archeologist, points out that last year’s archaeology & other; Annual & throughout; This year, major archaeological discoveries of concentration that & other; Ten & throughout; The competition is fierce. From the selected project, archaeological discovery species diversity, in addition to the tombs, this year to be included in the site is more, this suggests that the academic circle not only focus on tombs, unearthed also pay close attention to all aspects can reflect the social situation of site.

in addition, the & other; Ten & throughout; The development of embodies the concept of archaeology. After & other; The ancient does not take an examination of qin and han dynasties after & throughout; , in recent period in history record of archaeological importance is not enough, the inclusion of this project in the qin and han dynasties before and after each account for half. Wang Wei pointed out that these projects with local people close to the feeling is strong, closely related to modern life, selected & other Ten & throughout; Is a direction that historical period of the archaeological equally promising after qin and han dynasties.

2012 national top ten archaeological discoveries

henan luanchuan slips hole paleolithic site

jiangsu SiHong along the mountain set neolithic site

jinchuan sichuan liu village neolithic site

shaanxi shenmu stone ruins Mao

o in wenquan, djourou ruins and graves

shandong set TaoLing sacred lake writing

in hebei mound of xing kiln site

liao attends Beijing imperial city of Inner Mongolia west hillside temple site

yuzhong district of chongqing old drum yamen site

guizhou zunyi dragon, according to the site