Strange Japanese name: “my grandson” is last name and place name

id display bronze medal Japan’s surname & other; My grandson & throughout;

the Olympic Games to a & other; My grandson & throughout;

London Olympic Games, a Japanese player name & other; Throughout my Sun Zizhi beauty &; , cause the attention of the netizens and parody.

at the time of the ceremony, the scene large screen with the name of the top three. , according to the big screen impressively bronze medalist called & other; Throughout my Sun Zizhi beauty &; . & other; Made a mistake? Throughout the &; A lot of people laugh spray on the spot, call & other; Too fun & throughout; .

at central China normal university, the Japanese department li xian professor, & other; My grandson & throughout; Is not only a Japanese name, and is the place name, & other; Car driving on the highway in Japan, you can see signs that there are these three words & throughout; . Li xian said, this is a more ancient surnames, in Japan there are at least 1000 years of history, but also very common, & other; Didn’t call names mean & throughout; .

as a place name, Japan have more than one place call & other; My grandson & throughout; . More prominent with Tokyo chiba prefecture on the east side in the capital circle & other My grandson & throughout; And Osaka & other; My grandson & throughout; And so on. Zi, the county has a place called & other; My grandson & throughout; .

about & other; My grandson & throughout; The origin, li xian introduces, generally think that there are two. The first book in Japan “the ancient catalogue,” there is this place name, Japanese reading & other; Abby throughout the ancient &; , pronunciation and & other My grandson & throughout; Is the same, after a long time, people are unified writing for & other; My grandson & throughout; . Another theory is that, in ancient times, the Japanese local has many outsiders inhabit, including one from Indochina, local dialect is called & other; Abby throughout the ancient ancient &; , & other; Vulcan & throughout; The meaning of. This group of people living near the chiba, said miss to ancestors, posterity is called local & other Abby throughout the ancient ancient &; , i.e., & other; My grandson & throughout; .

Japanese surname one hundred and thirty thousand

there are as many as more than one hundred and thirty thousand kinds of Japan’s last name. Japan, like South Korea, are all influenced by han culture of China and with Chinese characters use surnames in the world. Japan in the middle of the 4th century, daiwa regime was founded to produce a surname. Days wisdom nine years, namely in 670 AD, began to prepare the original household registration. This is “cadastral GengWu” in the history of Japan. Since then, Japan by & other; Tribe throughout the &; Society took & other; Citizens throughout the &; System of society. At that time, tribal what’s base, family and handmaiden, no last name. There are civilians, homeless, and the more fragmented.

made to assault the compartment, no last name can take an arbitrary code, as a last name. Therefore, & other; A well, a wood, color, a tail, up and down, the gas, left, right, front and back, volcanoes, –, hot springs, covered in sweat, pioneer, small hole, bottle, bag, early b female, not into the bucket, the 123, 123, ninety-nine & throughout; Such as have become the people’s last name. Until the Meiji era, that is, in 1870, the government issued & other; Civilian surname recognition throughout the &; After fixed the existing surnames.

The meaning of

Japanese name

some people live at the foot of the mountain, with & other; The hill & throughout; Or & other Yamamoto & throughout; As the last name; Some people live at the edge of the paddy field, he said & other; Tanabe & throughout; . Many Japanese family name has been & other; Throughout the village &; Words at the end of, such as: the west village, gang village, village, kimura, etc, are all derived from the name first name or villagers. In addition, up to the moon and stars flower, from professional home to religious beliefs, almost as a surname. Gaoqi, for example, to highlight part of the island, big court, is the square in front of the palace, the white bird, the bear is animal; If loose, takasugi ako is plant; Takahashi, torii building; Ono temple, saionji said religion; Hattori, qin is the ancient from Asia and all over the world to Japan settled the naturalization of people (immigrants) surname.

influenced by han culture, Japanese society form the actual use of exotic eccentric, dilute hard miscellaneous different surname, spectacular, incredible. Every rare last name, has a special origin and interesting story, intriguing.

shizuoka prefecture have family name & other; Throughout a shakuhachi inch &; , its take the surname is take the length of the knife handle a shakuhachi inches. Because of fellow countryman someone first access & other; Copper handle & throughout; As the name, the latter use indirect intention surname.

yamanashi giant Baltimore county south sichuan town early, there are a lot of family name & other Medicine bags & throughout; . The legend history up to a famous doctor, grape wine, the villagers to drink the drink, disease-free life. From the village to see someone again medicine bag, so take this name.

nara county has five three-word name: five demon help, five, five demon hall, five, five ghosts. & other; Five ghost & throughout; In Japanese with & other; Imperial ware & throughout; In Chinese. & other; Imperial ware & throughout; Is god for, with the final, and & other; Ghost & throughout; The spirit of the word and has a strong meaning. The staff in this five again is a shrine, respectively taking the last name.

zi, the county has two surname & other; Whitewater & throughout; . But two different cases, is a willing take surname & other Throughout the spring &; Word of word surname. Another point was the white smoke on the water, namely the fog. Take its natural phenomenon for the name. There was a road named Kyoto & other; Shenzheng solution by path & throughout; , staying in the intersection of a surname & other; Shenzheng solution by path & throughout; That became one of the five words long surname in Japan.

have to date for the surname, such as & other Throughout the day & day; Mean is the lunar New Year festival, vientiane update, good lucky for you. & other; On April 1 & throughout; & other; April ShuoRi & throughout; Original intention is the lunar month of April, the weather began to rejuvenation return don’t wear warm winter jacket

according to the meaning of the name, & other; Pigs, cattle and chicken duck head, tail, horse tajiri, found hand, mosquito claw, chilling, hives, dog feeding, cow dung, feather bird, black chuan, whitewater, zhongyuan, longbridge, tomiichi, in the village, full moon, iidabashi, female, a mountain village, miyake, four, five, six miles, 12 village, yasuhiro & throughout; Etc. The name is supposed to the mountain, the surnames of YeLao, peasant wild aromatic.

& other; Dongshan, xishan, leshan, fragrant hill, down the mountain, three mountains, lions, tigers, bears, eagles, deer, mesh, noto valley. Throughout the &; Such as, the name of the Orion.

& other; Wet to dry, mesh, mesh, raw fish, eels, crabs, screw, fishing rod, its sea, the sea of old, thick, long, dongfeng, throughout the north wind &; Such as name, perhaps belonging to fishermen boatman.

& other; Temple gate, kobe, quit house, giant knotweed, save, somehow, seclusion, small green ghost, porridge, heaven, month, star, to the party, 48, 49 yuan, bodhisattva wood & throughout; May be a monk, such as the person’s last name.

& other; House, wen wen, text, a pen, kochi, writer, knowledge, college, school, the education, ten words & throughout; Such as name, must belong to the intellectuals and so on.

& other; Three bottles, soy sauce, juice, coppersmith, forging, iron and board, sun, cartridge, coal, oil field, repair, sumo, document, implement, and brought the division of the, bag, five radix stemonae, Tibet, gold, silver, & throughout; Such as name, may be associated with career.

& other; North, home, thick see, parents, qian shou, hail, greenhouses, new wife, companion, my wife mirror, good wife, woman, mixed, meet, black, white hair, ten thousand generations, happiness & throughout; Such as name, almost everything earthly happiness.

Japanese emperor surname?

in addition, Japan has countless strange name. For example, the emperor of Japan surname? When Japan appeared & other; The emperor & throughout; The title? There is no consistent tong said. Archaeology provide day Wu Chao is 7 century. From & other; The king & throughout; To & other; The emperor & throughout; Change, is not only a change in the text, but also the birth of the emperor system, the process of kingship existence is explicit. Japan the birth of the 7th century, the emperor is linked with the history of law system. So the spiritual symbol of the emperor system is imperative law system.

in Japanese history, fujiwara’s, ping’s article, genji, north, ashikaga. In addition, woven field, up and tokugawa have surnames. But the Japanese emperor is no last name. Why is this? Because the emperor does not belong to any clan. This is royal support day a & other Implement & throughout; . On the other hand, no surname, instead, to join any name, provide the possibility. In this way, no matter what clan seizes the political power, are not necessary and royal days.

the emperor has no name, it’s another level of the implied meaning is that day of royal lineage family is ambiguous. This is from the meaning of human society from, that is the man in the sky. Is human and nonhuman, divine and not a god. Humanity and divinity, in a collection point. This is quite a set of Japan.

Japanese name has 33 kinds of attribute

(1) type names.

(2) the surname: with ancient & other; Surname & throughout; Relationship between deep surnames. Such as: Sue me, content, fujiwara.

(3) the object type: related to plants and animals, objects, buildings such as object name. Such as: nanmu, machine (table), stack (shoes).

(4) ZhiMing type: job and career, service, office and other related surname. Such as: mesh (keep medium we mesh the end of the fourth official chop), door, smithing.

(5) the former (name), developed by the name last name. Such as: the source within, for her virginity, silurian.

(6) slightly type name: the original surname brief for last name. Such as: cases (but), chase (field), object (objects).

(7) when the word: seems to be the original surname only pronunciation, Chinese characters are just random gather together afterwards. Such as: carp pool Fu, undead, news.

(8) type: with auspicious words directly as a surname. Such as: wood, full, turtle treasure dragon.

(9) turn type: turn the sound, turn word (similar to use tongjia characters) and last name. Such as: if the brigade わ か た び (if tian わ か た べ turn word, turn the sound), cotton (cotton house turn words).

(10) disappeared last name: now vanished a strange name. Such as: shakyamuni Buddha, with broken words, maniac & hellip; & hellip;

come from “the new observation of culture” in the fourth period