Strange word “丨” read “roll” real income modern dictionaries Computer input is

recently, netizens post said, found that rarely used word & other; 丨 & throughout; , & other Throughout, &; & other; 灬 & throughout; Is not included in the daily in the dictionary, the words have included value, online discussion.


strange words, not income modern dictionary

the day, a weibo users post said: I just found out that the original & other; 丨 & throughout; Is a word! Read & other; Roll & throughout; Ah.

posts caused many curious, and follow up the search out & other; Throughout, &; & other; 灬 & throughout; Such as words and mark the pronunciation and meaning.

net friend say, these seemingly Chinese character component radical & other; Strange words throughout the &; , are the Chinese characters.

a lot of netizens think, since these are all Chinese, why in “modern Chinese standard dictionary”, “the xinhua dictionary query less than such common dictionaries, but in the computer language input tool, can query to.

dictionary collector pay Sir, query the collection of more than 30 version of the dictionary, in the Ming dynasty compiled by the CNS pass, in the “Chinese dictionary” published by the east of Taiwan, have found that these ancient, Chinese characters, pronunciation and meaning.

Expert in

& other; Strange words throughout the &; For & other; Derivatives & throughout;

the state language work committee researcher sharpen one’s weapon get, & other; 丨 & throughout; , & other Throughout, &; & other; 灬 & throughout; Is derived in the text evolution process, are included in the “Chinese big dictionary”, means that they are Chinese, just don’t use the example in the ancient classics, is extremely rarely used word belongs to, or very rarely used, and even did not use the word death.

sharpen one’s weapon get is introduced, the function of the dictionary is different, so in “modern Chinese standard dictionary”, “the xinhua dictionary, such as the dictionary of modern is text communication commonly used Chinese characters, how is the current standard. These included a Chinese dictionary, want to see it in the spread of modern Chinese, whether can use, and whether the commonly used. However, these dictionaries have not included & other; Strange words throughout the &; Do not represent & other; Strange words throughout the &; These is not a Chinese, it will only be & other; Strange words throughout the &; In modern Chinese not commonly used in the transmission, or not, but that doesn’t mean no collection value.

sharpen one’s weapon get introduction, “Chinese big dictionary”, the CNS through the dictionary, such as collection of Chinese characters is more comprehensive, as far as possible all the Chinese characters in ancient books in it, including some of the current specification word, the writer, words, pronunciation and even the death of an unknown word.

& other; 丨 & throughout; Incarnation: g n basic meanings: linking up and down.

& other; Throughout, &; Basic meanings: useful incarnation: people reading of symbols, the ancient with & other; Lord & throughout; .

& other; 灬 & throughout; : hu ǒ basic meanings: ancient with & other; Fire & throughout; ; Bi ā o: basic meanings: fire.