Stray cats be praised as Picasso painting: the art dealer has acquired all the paintings (FIG.)

new south wales, Australia out of the several four legs & other; Stray cats painter & throughout; , they use the foot after dipped in paint on the canvas to muscle, free creation. Don’t want to make people praised his work style abstract wild, colorful, unique, simply & other As Picasso & throughout; . Now the owner has sold six & other; The cat and cable & throughout; Work, all the proceeds used to save the rest of the abandoned animals, has been bailed out 12 stray cats, three dogs and seven birds.

it is reported that these and other Cat world throughout Picasso &; By wagga wagga, new south wales a cat mother and daughter Louise & middot; Clayton and root & middot; Ellis adoption. Once, when mother and daughter accidentally discovered a naughty cat on the floor of the just drag on the yellow & other; The plum flower print & throughout; And then came out a bold idea & ndash; & ndash; Why don’t you try let them draw abstract painting? Maybe can also raise money to help more stray animals. Then, Clayton and let the cat cat have four feet, dipped in paint on the blank canvas to trash, and muscle, free creation.

according to daughter Ellis, the mother and daughter to come up with the idea of painting by cat save more stray animals, they with the help of these cats have finished 6 works. Clayton and let the cat cat, after news of the painting, soon have traveled dealers are looking for. After seeing the unique style of work, the latter in exclaimed his painting style wild & other; Comparable to abstract the master Picasso & throughout; , on the spot with a hefty price bought all 6 finished painting.