String broken: music is still flowing

the violinist Mi more into the Shanghai grand theatre in the VIP room, all people have no attention to her. In the crowd, she too is not conspicuous. Large black bass bag back upon her 1.5 meters tall, a bit heavy. Mi in dressed in a white sweater, a black dress, black shoes, no make-up, even without modification, hair only black elastic random back a bunch of ponytail. Ordinary artist, in such stars as became a theater rooms and is extremely rare.

however, a few days ago, when Mi more play the violin on in Shanghai grand theater stage classic the most brilliant of the gem & ndash; & ndash; Beethoven’s violin concerto in D major “, Shanghai audience immediately felt the & other; Pocket violinist & throughout; The powerful aura. Mi more said: & other; Play is a happy and wonderful things. Games to play the violin, I seemed to be doing, once you familiarize yourself with its rules, then you get free. Throughout the &; In 30 years of career, Mi more than never know & other; Throughout the &; For what. & other; Unless my students came to play, I will feel pressure, myself, I never feel nervous. Throughout the &;

at a young age, is Japan’s famous genius in Mi much little musician. More than 8 years old, Mi festival in Osaka debut, small child became local people see people love. A few years later, the Japanese small child fame even shocked the command great grandmaster Penn & middot; Mehta, he decided to examine her myself. Sure enough, Mi much good music and adept skills once moved ZuBin & middot; Mehta, master at temporary change, also more please Mi solo guests, together with the New York Philharmonic on New Year’s concert. ZuBin & middot; Mehta that worked, Mi more step onto the world music stage, had begun her extraordinary career.

a few years later, and the other a music master Bernstein, let Mi many more firmly. In 1986, the 15-year-old Mi more invited with the Boston symphony orchestra, playing music and maestro Bernstein written for violin and band “serenade”, and as it was under the command of the concert, Bernstein himself. The solo violin part serenade, skill is very hard, especially in the fifth movement skills is most difficult. Is in Mi more play the music, the unexpected happened: Mi much in the E string pulled on the piano. Mi in slightly more than a hesitation, right away to the chief of the band to borrow his that stradivari wali, after a few seconds, continue to play. Only played a few section, however, the E string of the harmonica is once again break, Mi in more quickly to change another one from the band, deputy chief stradivari wali, finished playing with it, this time in a harp, almost without any pause, the band music and continuous flow until the end.

you know, continuous lyre, big enough to make those common player surprised out in a cold sweat, while in the 15-year-old Mi more in a calm and confident than his age, finished playing, conquered the audience. Show is over, the Bernstein than excitement, knelt, to the girl from the Orient express his gratitude and admiration. Since then, more than Mi name closely linked with the legendary concert, famous in the world.