Students in the eyes of centenarians Yang jiang: always smiling for reading writing rarely go downstairs

the imprinting of city two

/tao ran [Hong Kong]

since 2004, and I have strong benevolence in September each year in Beijing, is mainly to see Yang jiang, also his Beijing normal university to attend & other; Money been reflected throughout & education fund; The annual award ceremony. Money is been reflected 钱锺书 and Yang jiang’s only daughter, is our teacher.

as early as in early April 2005, Yang jiang in the letter to the strong benevolence and I said: & other; Should be the kernel of please, I will be your mother Yang jiang. Throughout the &; Of course, I also know that this is because the money been reflected in the relationship. Yang jiang missing daughter, and we are in the money been reflected most difficulties, especially the kernel is strong, and can say words of students and friends. Call her best age I had in the past, she said, you want to take care of yourself! At that time, I was very sick, still attends Beijing, September to her on the second floor of the house, she said lovingly, don’t do it! Strong benevolence look at him! Knitting magazine to move a lot of brain!

and she in June 28, said in a letter to a tree strong benevolence, west: & other; Zhang been reflected (benevolence strong daughter, then just go to Beijing, visit Yang jiang), said tao ran, uncle body that need special good. It is not long ago I see we have his article, journal of arts good article! Throughout the &; I was not sure what is the article, but & other; Good writing & throughout; Say, of course, only encourage it, as I talked with her before, she said laughing, tao ran after the article, I must see! I don’t think is a very good question, but a kind of emotion in the works. She saw us, he is to see money been reflected.

when we vigorously agitated, want to take her to the city, connect together to eat meal, tell her now, Beijing has changed a lot. But she always indifferent, said lightly, also can see on TV. We think that can’t be persuaded her, only to find the zhang been reflected duty, but dare to Yang Jiangzai. Yang jiang said in the letter: & other; Zhang been reflected quite ability, do a line, one line. She drove firmly, I sit a very at ease. Throughout the &; Could see that she likes been reflected, in addition to her character, lovely, of course, this is also because of her parents and empathy!

on October 24, 2008, Yang jiang said to write to me and strong benevolence, & other; Received Hong Kong literature, especially thick, open on see, inside a book “urban literature”, I’m overloaded with money been reflected, & lsquo; Tao ran, but after be articles & rsquo; , so the two journals, all we see, what a vision, tao ran when Hong Kong literature editor, support down. Good article Sylvia, is one of the “urban literature” (referred to as I wrote in the journal of the kernel of the long time, also in a hurry, with reference to our teacher money been reflected), especially fascinating. You two are a good man, been reflected been reflected the poor, for the two of you sympathy, help her to withstand all the people who insult her. (I’m Wang De a money been reflected husband died ten days later, will devolve ultra-leftwing, Mr. Qian had been ultra-leftwing, left her alone at home. She doesn’t know she mother heartache, rest assured that the said to comfort me: & lsquo; Mum, you rest assured that someone sympathy for me. & rsquo; Your sympathy, she does not forget for life. You two good have good causes and conditions, also formed a lifelong friend; I by you a read of benevolence, have become friends with you. So I put the long time, also in a hurry to read twice, be moved. Throughout the &;

centenarians Yang jiang, reading more than writing, every day goes to bed at half-past one night and get up at half past six in the morning, at noon rest for two hours. Eat very light. I know that is how she has not come downstairs, she said, not meet acquaintances, to an. So she every day in indoor circle walking back and forth, with seven pencils, put down a every walk 1000 steps. It is no wonder that she quickly, then back, we are chatting, she suddenly stood up, step to the desk, to books. I and strong benevolence quietly reaching forward, I saw the book is “letter”. As for her was to write novels, it was revealed that influences &styles “library science”, is close to beginning, should be published next year. This is a new message, we are in Beijing, asked about writing, she always smile Mimi, not dew point lights. She always said, Mr. Qian and been reflected, the way I also walked! Listen to our heart. We can see her lithe step at ease, in addition to poor hearing, everything goes well. Last year, she said, find out heart failure, she is still laughing, & other; This disease has two advantages, one is not contagious, 2 it is to die simply, not pain, also not boring & throughout; . We care for silent her open-minded, listen. Where know that once the lens turn, written, holding a her novels have quietly done! Probably, this is the “shower” sequel?

centenarians Yang jiang, and smiling always sitting in her that one single person sofa, patted the kernel and the back of my hand, can’t hear clearly, it took out paper and pen, told us to write down. Remember that back in her home, window callas was open, she expression in a way, I turned round, the head against the wall, the sitting room is hung with & other; Throughout our sa &; Group photo, from left to right are: Yang jiang, money been reflected, 钱锺书.

tao ran