Studies show that DNA resurrection life only 6.8 million tyrannosaurus rex has been impossible

scientists study: DNA life only 6.8 million

crazy experts will be raised tyrannosaurus rex was out!

experts to plan to resurrect mammoths


” Jurassic park “in the resurrection of tyrannosaurus rex’s mission can’t come true: a study from New Zealand that DNA in 6.8 million will be completely decomposed, and the dinosaur extinction & ndash; but in the 65 million years ago & ndash; It also has aroused heated debate on the Internet. One of the hottest topic is: crazy experts will be raised the idea of a tyrannosaurus rex, it seems that was impossible. That what the mammoth resurrection by spectrum still some & hellip; & hellip;

plot in the movie

mosquito blood extract DNA dinosaurs

time forward to 1992. That year, Paul & professor of microbiology at the university of California state industry middot; Cano (Raul Cano) first attempt from living in the same age with dinosaurs extract genes of insects. Insects in amber, it is a hard translucent fossil gum. Surely it is about this possibility as inspired Jurassic park.

in the movie “Jurassic park”, a scientist from a suck the mosquitoes in the fossilized dinosaur blood, embedded in resin extracted DNA, successfully cloned dinosaurs, and eventually to build a dinosaur & other; Jurassic park & throughout; .

scientists envision

chicken to the resurrection of dinosaurs: dinosaurs chicken

scientists horner said: & other; If we want to live to see the dinosaurs, we need to start from the birds, and traceability. As long as there is a bird, we can reveal the dinosaur’s veil. Throughout the &; Horner believes that the DNA of modern birds have genetic memories hidden, the genetic memory or can again & other; Open & throughout; To rebuild the dinosaur characteristics of dormant for a long time.

at McGill university, Canada paleontologist Hans & middot; Larsson by analyzing only two days old chicken embryo, won a surprising discovery. Larsson thought developing spine there will be four to eight vertebrae, but his microscope found 16 vertebrae & ndash; & ndash; It’s clearly a reptile’s tail. As the embryo development slowly, & other; Tail & throughout; Becomes more and more short, until only five vertebrae chicks hatched.

as for horner, he’s imagining how to create the first & other; Dinosaur samples & throughout; . He said: & other; I have to admit, I’m sure I imagine moving towards the stage, imagined that one day a small & lsquo; The dinosaur chicken & rsquo; Appear in front of me. Then it is too exciting. Now, in addition to our own, nothing can stop us from the resurrection of dinosaurs. Throughout the &;

dinosaurs extinct 65 million

and the life of the DNA only 6.8 million

after the cells die, residual chemical bonds between enzyme can hydrolyze DNA nucleotides, microbes can also accelerate the decomposition process. But the long run, the most important factor is the DNA in the role of water drop. Groundwater is everywhere, so in theory the long-term average of DNA degradation speed should be almost is a fixed value.

the problem is that so many contain fossils of DNA is not a good idea to find, and temperature, oxygen, and the later microbes can change the degradation speed in a short period of time, it’s average speed is not so easy.