Study found that people with autism have exploded the brain than normal people

British Stephen & middot; Wilshire (Stephen Wiltshire) diagnosed with autism at age 3 (autism), now 36, he has a painting & other; Super ability & throughout; To draw in detail by heart briefly seen under the city. On April 30, 2010, wilshire was invited to Australia for autism month activities. (CFP/chart)

from genetic and environmental factors of autism is roughly equal responsibility. For some researchers now autism like cancer before.

& other; People used to think that autism is because the parents to the child is far too cool. This idea has a lot of damage. Throughout the &; Professor at the university of Pennsylvania Scott & middot; Pavlik (Scott Selleck) think that’s a ridiculous idea.

in the past few decades, people’s perception of this strange autism symptoms more and more widely, and there are some causes were put forward, and then be considered ridiculous. In February 2012 at the American association for the advancement of science (AAAS) annual meeting, some autism research experts focus on the scientific community was discussed from the perspective of environmental factors on the latest understanding of autism.

& other; From the genetic and environmental factors is roughly equal responsibility, half to half. Throughout the &; Plug was put forward that in the workshops.

Very complex disease

autism is a developmental disorders, the emergence of symptoms can be early to 18 months old babies. Although will have different specific symptoms, but the common characteristics of patients with abnormal is the insufficient social behavior, language and repetitive movements (such as clap) again and again. Some patients in infancy looked normal, but found that when he’s little older, he began to disappear interaction with parents, outsiders are not to guide its attention, language learning also appear obstacles, even can’t talk all the time.

at first people thought that infants and young children appear the problem is caused by parental nurturing, then I realized that this is an extremely complex neurological diseases. & other; We have realized that there are many, many genes are at work, there may be several hundred. Throughout the &; Pavlik said.

over the years, the number of different studies have put the susceptibility genes of difference is very big, ranging from three to 100. And separation of these genes are not simply follow the Mendelian laws, the existing research shows that potential distribution of susceptibility genes throughout the genome, and there is no single gene that causes all clinical manifestations.

autism cause the attention of more and more people, because in the past 20 years, in some developed countries, the rise in the number of people with autism present explosive. Such as the United States, California medical treatment of people with autism in 2007 than in 1987 increased by 12 times. Thomas, director of the us national institute of mental health & middot; British Selma (Thomas Insel) at the Massachusetts institute of technology in 2009 in a public speech also mentioned that he needs to be done in the 1980 s a wide range of search to find an autistic child, & other; I don’t know any data like this, in 20 years has so sharp growth & throughout; . He said he would study interest and money, autism is like 20 years ago of cancer.

some researchers try to find the root cause behind surging Numbers. Columbia University sociologist Peter & middot; Berman (Peter Bearman) and colleagues in 2010, according to research published since 1987, California for autism broadened the definition of several times, this is the main cause of the diagnosis of populations. In addition, the growth of the number and the degree of the public, and also related to reproductive age. North American and European family time is late, and studies have shown that older parents to autism genes that give their children more easily.

however, these three factors can only explain away half above cases, the growth of the other half is what causes, became a mystery. The public had suspected for a long time, for infant vaccination against measles, mumps, and rubella vaccine related, but medical survey results do not support this speculation.