Stylist Charlie Molly in use ferrari debris into a coffee table (figure)

a piece of wreckage ferrari made coffee table

when it comes to the high-end upgraded recycling perfectly, & other; Crash & throughout; Coffee table is a humorous art; It make you stunned dismay, or let your heart bleed & hellip; & hellip;

this coffee table is tailor made for a wealthy fans, any ferrari fans know, find the remains of ferrari is a challenge. Designer Charlie Molly, recalls, & other; It’s hard to find a ferrari has crashed enough thoroughly, until completely scrap & hellip; & hellip; It’s not every day may happen. But our luck is very good, found a wreckage and our clients have been approved. Throughout the &;

the world only produced 1315 ferrari F40; Therefore, & other; Crashed ferrari & throughout; Coffee table is curiously rare thing in the world. The more rare is that such debris to make amazing works of art.