Su dongpo “geisha love” : love and women take part in accidental amusement

the song dynasty, literati with prostitutes, drink sanhua, seems to be the norm, su dongpo is no exception. “Dongpo words more than 1, three hundred, fu, fude directly and indirectly involves geisha, as many as one hundred and eighty more than the first. This is su dongpo portrayal of real life environment, intact to the greatness of su dongpo.

it is said that su dongpo life, in case of geisha splendidly, they readily attend, not deliberately evades, to an opponent. But su dongpo, which is not particularly obsessed with beloved prostitutes, he just likes booze character one by one, and women take part in accidental amusement. For geisha, su dongpo is very easygoing, & other; Music without Yin & throughout; . Often do, is for geisha acknowledged, or expatriation.

su dongpo was a celebrity, booze, geisha acknowledged, is common, su dongpo also is almost & other; Soft touch & throughout; .

once, his su dongpo off at a banquet, a beloved prostitutes walked to the front of su dongpo, he acknowledged in her shawl. Su dongpo did not recognize this beloved prostitutes, but he gives obeyed, immediately ordered ink, pen writes:

dongpo four years his live, what silence and li qi.

at this point, is to stop, continue to eat and with friends. The National People’s Congress for the surprise here, feel dongpo poem. Li qi went up to him and request su dongpo finish writing poetry. So, su dongpo after start, will this four-line after two stroke:

but give du xiaohong, Chinese flowering crabapple is very not poetry.

the whole poem, phonological harmony, praise of li qi. Li qi, a nameless ji ji song prostitutes, and therefore of immortality.

su dongpo wrote a poem “the word magnolia reduction & middot; Zheng Zhuang hospitality”, the word yue:

& other; Zheng Zhuang hospitality. Let me fall Ze before. Put pen to paper gave birth to wind. By his fame not male. Gao Shanbai early. Ice jade-like stone bone skin that old. South xu from now on. Good night the wind month full lake. Throughout the &;

this song, at first glance, there is no genius. Its secret is a word in at the beginning of each sentence. Will read together at the beginning of a word, each sentence is: Zheng Rong falls, Gao Ying being. Fall, is to remove prostitutes of cadastral. Being “refers to a prostitute married marry.

the original, this is su dongpo from his huanzhou to ruzhou, after RunZhou. RunZhou satrap xu got a banquet for him. The official Zheng Rong prostitutes, Gao Ying escort. Zheng, two people, the heart of being a long time, so please to the satrap of dongpo for sermons. Su dongpo agreed, and added, but he has not to mention on the banquet. When two beloved worried prostitutes, parting to su dongpo, ask again. Su dongpo was pulled out the first “subtraction word magnolia” to them, said: & other; You get to see the first words satrap, satrap a see, and know its meaning. Throughout the &; Indeed as expected, the satrap at word, smile, then with the two people fall through being of desire.

su dongpo’s & other; Geisha love & throughout; , it only limited to & other; Drink and might listen to song & throughout; , it doesn’t like huang tingjian, write explicit erotic YanShi. He for geisha, cherish, is more a sympathy and love.