Su Luwang tomb were for filipinos Caretakers for the 17 generations (FIG.)

shandong Texas Su Luwang tomb, the Philippines Su Luwang offspring the 17th AnXinNa

in shandong province, the grand canal, the first stop is Texas, Texas reasonable national famous, can make reasonable a national manufacturer, there should be a canal, canal not only brought in Texas’s economic boom, more open inclusive canal culture formed in Texas, in the agricultural civilization into the strong commercial civilization, changed the traditional ideas, & other; Local farming, did move by trade & throughout; & hellip; & hellip;


grand canal ShouLing people

in Texas, we first came to Texas shibei village north camp, looking north village and ordinary rural northern, but in the village there is a national security units: Su Luwang tomb.

Su Luwang tomb scale is not big, but the specification is not low, arranged on both sides pyramid-shaped mound WengZhong stone, stone, stone horse, huabiao, in the east of the southern north & other; Throughout east drive makes saltanah sulu king memorial &; Pavilion, a monument in Ming yongle sixteen years. Cheng zhu Zhu Diqin inscription. On the west side and a Ming dynasty built mosque.

Su Luwang is who can make Zhu Diqin written inscription?

the staff said, Su Luwang isn’t a Chinese report, but the Philippines from far away. In 1417 AD, the sulu archipelago on the three Kings & ndash; & ndash; East, west king, king yao wang led family line of 340 people of the mission to the imperial capital, warm reception by the Ming government in Beijing over 27 days. Back on the way, the east king died of Texas city soon ling (now north camp). Emperor after learning, Chinese authorities of funerals, and kiss from inscriptions, le tablet pyramid-shaped mound, canonization for & other; Ready and set throughout the king &; . Princess and the second, third and more than 10 people who keep Texas attendants tomb, its seed citizenship in China. North village name is Ann, wen villagers are their descendants, there are more than 100 people.

at the entrance of the cemetery, the reporter interviewed AnXinNa, a 83 – year – old old man, the old man is a bit hard of hearing, communication is not easy.

confirmed that old man in the village, surnamed wen, indeed, is the seed of Su Luwang, here it is nearly 600 years, he is 17. In the Philippines after the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and the Philippines had been someone to worship Su Luwang grave, he was as one of three representative village ever visit sulu islands in 2006.

Su Luwang tomb scenic spot staff said, Su Luwang tomb and ShouLing village cultural and historical heritage, embodies the grand canal as & other; Dialogue among civilizations and cultural exchange & throughout; Function, and the grand canal in support of Texas important project.


QiangWei ship shadow are not

the state’s grand canal in the rise of sui and tang dynasties, the development in song dynasty, to Ming and qing dynasties reached the peak, after entering the period of the republic of China, due to the development of shipping and railway construction, canal transport gradually decline, but still maintained a larger volume. Canal through the city of Texas Xia Jin, Wu Cheng, three county, about 141 kilometers long.

in the light of the sunset, the reporter through the grand canal levee blocks east village, small pot in Texas city village, north village, along the river bank, high river winding, the historical data recorded in Texas canal serpentine 18 change & other; Dragon & throughout; The trend is still discernible. Water in the river is not much, but not yet cut-out, visible from time to time the villagers in pumping irrigation farmland outside the dike.

Texas because of canal and xing, is famous for its canals, historically present & other Everything gathered, merchants, north-south thoroughfare, day and night & throughout; In the boom.

the grand canal has bred the Texas & other; Nine of day qu & throughout; Prosperous, nourish the & other; Beijing throughout the portal & god; The glorious civilization, however, the grand canal in the past were dim with the canal shipping interrupt. Railway across the grand canal, the sound, the grand canal is so lonely.

a passing person of hometown, said before can be noisy here, when he was young also often see sailing in the canal and steamships, after the late 1970 s, there is no boat, water is much smaller.

in between a piece of grass and trees, stands a stone tablet, read & other; North factory throughout & cao bin sites; .

Texas section of the canal is not only the artery of the national grain transportation communication north and south, and it is the Ming and qing dynasties canal & other; Four warehouse & throughout; (Texas, linqing, xuzhou, huaian, one of the Ming dynasty in the north factory near the village set up barracks, construction & other; Twelve liancheng & throughout; Texas cao bin. As the change of The Times, the Texas facilities (including famous together 12) are increasingly tilting Pi almost didn’t, but fortunately there is a part of a grain, coal, fruits and vegetables, and other operations, the storage and transportation of goods still plays a role.

the grand canal can also shipping? The grand canal in Texas had lost the old richness and busy, but, texans feelings for the grand canal is still so hot.

the grand canal in support and let them see the grand canal of south-to-north water diversion project hope of recovery.

dezhou not only made the ancient canal scenic spot of conceptual planning in detail, and is preparing for the grand canal to resume.

dezhou a leader has said that Texas canals, lack of water, is the basis of shipping.

navigation and culture are complementary, not navigable canal culture is incomplete.