Su shi has been called the father of “weibo” to write a love there

close reading dongpo chi Lin, repeatedly by dongpo’s affection from volunteers gasp in admiration. He casually down dozens of words, the most the few words that are rich in high mood, natural and unrestrained inexpressible. Su dongpo) valley when it comes to the origin of the chi Lin, cloud: & other; To taste Yu Dongpo the script 2 capsule & hellip; & hellip; Script bag cover more than 20, is a word in my life. Throughout the &; Su dongpo I more and more to do with down, just like today’s write weibo, written just published in private microblog. The content, from court politics to local people’s livelihood, from poetry to the celestial spirits in the dream, from health to death, everything ubiquity.

su dongpo’s & other; Weibo & throughout; “Dongpo chi Lin”, & other; Remember throughout days temple night &; Cloud: & other; Six years candidates.if your October 12 nights, undressed to sleep, the moonlight as, readily set out. Read beyond music, hence find Zhang Huaimin to bearing days temple, pregnant, also did not lay people step facies in the family. Court under such as water chooses, algae in water weed cross, cover bamboo BaiYing also. Night without a month? Where there is no parker? But the two less idle people such as my ear. Throughout the &; At this time, su dongpo had fallen to his huanzhou, no hardship, but still can escape so. Only eighty-two words, write and easy circumstances.

su dongpo where all love to write a paragraph. The swim sand lakes, doctor Yu Pang Ann often, disease healing, truck with sand lakes, as song & other; Orchid buds below short leaching creek, loose sand road net between no mud, rustling sunset rain cuckoo cry & throughout; , striking at will. Five JiYou lushan, for no reason such as words & ndash; & ndash; & ndash; & other; Now is not a dream, the whole is lushan. Throughout the &;