Sugar-coated berry is a gourd do? Chinese cuisine names could spark a spoof

the Chinese cuisine culture is deep and sophisticated, but because of geographical differences, often can make a lot of jokes. A recent & other; The author pro, are you sure, you have eaten a sugar-coated berry? Throughout the &; Weibo on & other; Sugar-coated berry made throughout & gourd; That sparked the interest of netizens poking fun at the name. From & other; Version & throughout; Began to invent all kinds of funny jokes, racking their brains to spoof the cuisine, a happy sight in weibo.

& other; Suddenly eyes aim, see a side vendors selling of sugar-coated berry, he surprised to approach. Each was strung small gourd, top is wrapped in a layer of glittering and translucent get rid of red sugar & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &; The net friend & other; Understand not understand ELF2-101 & throughout; Screenshots posted a network, the above mentioned & other; Sugar-coated berry & throughout; Is made up of small gourd strung together, can’t help but put questions to the author on weibo: & other; Do you have eaten a sugar-coated berry? Throughout the &;

read netizens have said this & other; Oolong & throughout; Too funny: & other; I can not Hold the laugh! Throughout the &; Another netizen called & other; Have no culture that dreadful & throughout; , said the claim with & other; Flour is rice mill & throughout; .

however these are not a net friend & other; Fun & throughout; The end of this weibo also triggered many netizens spoof imitation, in just a few days has been forwarded thousands of times.

& other; Antiquata te ferocity, dongpo pork, bean curd, and definitely don’t want to eat a mouth-watering throughout the &; , the net friend & other; Throughout, garage &; Read these dishes after a spoof commented.

[slanting XieJin set]

low mouth-watering

authentic mouth-watering, is to put the chicken marinated in saliva in 24 hours to dry.

& ndash; & ndash; Miss zhao in the insomnia

low ants on the tree

need for meat thick big ants nest, clean the bark and the mesophyll, wash, and assist with salt, water, cooking wine pickled ginger. Remove steaming good tree bark and leaves into the ants, after turn off the heat stuffy well. Serve.

& ndash; & ndash; Cheap cyanine severe learning disabilities

low plane tofu chicken

need to prepare a lively chicken, put tofu chicken feet, let the chicken gouging rotten tofu, after eating it.

& ndash; & ndash; Eat a lot of thousandrous hooves across

low chukar

partridge is that taking the stone carved into the appearance of the chicken braise in soy sauce or dry pan.

& ndash; & ndash; Uniform charged the moon is the true man

the low beam beef

the boss brought a plate of beef and then gets a lamp in a temporary according.

& ndash; & ndash; Landscape YOOOO

low snowballing usury

played by a group of black ass in the roll of miso is made.

& ndash; & ndash; Clouds play le

“dragon beard noodles

the fresh of the dragon beard pull here.

& ndash; & ndash; Ophelly

low cat ear

strongly demand a ban on such cruel food, a bowl of cat ears to kill more than hundreds of cats?

& ndash; & ndash; Yu however

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