Summer vacation homework inventory personality: an artist CCTV news every day

once in summer, assignments will be in all the subjects & other; The snow-covered & throughout; , afraid to students slack off during the holiday homework, teachers and students in the assignments & other Marine & throughout; In the struggle to cope with, some students do not over, at on the Internet at the end of the summer vacation for the gunners.

can summer vacation homework is very artistic, interesting? Today is for you to present those who don’t like homework during summer vacation.

a primary school has a special summer vacation homework to the student, students are required to watch a concert or an art exhibition; To understand an artist; Learn to sing a love song; To learn an art (such as Musical Instruments, dance, flower arranging, paper cutting, folk art, etc.); Through an art (such as yourself, art to decorate their homes).

a primary school this summer vacation homework, watching news broadcast every day, and think of the day’s biggest influence things himself elected, concisely written in the diary in your own words.

a primary school in the summer vacation homework is a kind of a plant, once a week in words or pictures or drawing record; Appreciate the music; Watch movies twice; Attend a theme activities, such as short, community activities, etc., documented in the form of words or pictures, after the opening exchanges report; More than three new friends.