Sun yat-sen, never for his birthday celebration called individual is too stretched out

sun yat-sen rate 1912 nanjing government officials thanks to the Ming tombs

& other; Countries, the elder brother can’t literally & throughout;

brother Sun Mei is nanyang Chinese capitalists, played in the revolution to overthrow the manchu regime. To brother’s great, he not only their fortune to be funded, also play a wide connections, campaigning, to seek more support. After the success of the xin-hai revolution, sun yat-sen was elected provisional President. At that time, many people with their own background, everything to make tight, Sun Mei also failed to exempt. In his eyes, and my brother is today & other; The emperor & throughout; Brother, do not seal Wang Shang, how also the mix a & other; Two product top hat & throughout; . Then, according to his ideas to the big shots such as CAI yuanpei, immediately get their recognition, and joint to sun yat-sen nominate him for the guangdong area. Sun yat-sen, revolutionaries must & other; Throughout the world for &; , can’t do & other; A home under the sun & throughout; To su ly CAI yuanpei: & other; A meritocracy, must not cronyism. Throughout the &;

Sun Mei learned that brother attitude, to singling out immediately.

patiently persuade: sun yat-sen & other; Brother, although in revolution, but when the guangdong area do not appropriate. Throughout the &;

Sun Mei flew into a rage, & other; Vin, you are a President, I am your brother, is bigger than the President, just a cantonese, how to do? Throughout the &;

1 vigorously reckon with sun yat-sen, very easy to get him off. Later, sun yat-sen returned to the hometown, Sun Mei saw him, his anger is still not cut, scold a way: & other; You as a President, but no one, I now have to muddle along under village officer. Throughout the &;

sun yat-sen laughed and said: & other; You are my eldest brother, the family, all you have the final say, the President also need to listen to you. Countries, the elder brother can’t literally, even village officer, and you should enjoy, you have to listen to them. Throughout the &;

so, Sun Mei exactly not served as the guangdong area. Since then, wholeheartedly to do business, his business is booming for a time.

& other; Is a civilian & throughout;

on April 1, 1912, sun yat-sen to facilitate the reunification, resolutely resigned as the provisional President of the republic of China, to the beiyang government, and on the month 20 by boat to fujian tourism. When the ship arrived in fuzhou mawei, he saw people welcome and the size of the surface ships, flashing & other; Welcome President sun & throughout; And & other Long live President sun & throughout; The size of the paper flags and banners. He was not pleased to say: & other; I have resigned from the temporary President, why such a high lift me? Throughout the &; And the fujian area of aboard await Sun Daoren said: & other; This is too BuChengHua. Is the President of the republic, left, is a civilian, how to say & lsquo; President sun & rsquo; ? Besides, what & lsquo; Long live & rsquo; , it was the feudal emperor forced his praise his officer of his people. We in order to resist the & lsquo; Long live & rsquo; Dynasty, put a lot of revolutionary comrade, sprinklewarm-blooded, achieved the great victory of the qing dynasty. If I accept the feudal dynasty, I live up to that many martyrs? Immediately remove the paper flags and banners, if not cancel, I will not go ashore. Throughout the &;

Sun Daoren dismayed to malaysians, and immediately called entourage paper flags are rewritten into & other; Welcome to sun yat-sen & throughout; . In this way, the sun was out of the tank in deck into the city.

& other; Should I carry you & throughout;

in October 1921, the northern expedition army of all stripes gathered in guangxi guilin. Sun yat-sen as President and army and navy admiral thrawn, from guangzhou to guilin, ready to head of pledging the northern army. Sun yat-sen from wuzhou along the stroke in hexi, hardships, waterway by boat, road a sedan. Sun yat-sen, approachable, amiable, sat on a palanquin chat with bearers. How old is he asked bearers, bearers a. & other; The age of 60. Throughout the &; Sun yat-sen immediately stopped the car and walk down, let the bearers carried the empty sedan chair to follow. Sorry to say: sun yat-sen & other; My age is younger than you, you should not lift me, should I carried you. Throughout the &;

in guilin, sun yat-sen swim rock. Inside the cave is very dark, a group of children was barefoot, ragged carrying a torch for visitors to lead the way, earn points for the meal. Guards for the sake of safety, rejected the children’s, and to put them outside. Sun yat-sen nicely said to guard, & other; Don’t catch them, let them lead the way. Throughout the &; He also said to the children, and smiling & other; Lined up to, to, everybody! Throughout the &; Told adjutant individually appoint gratuity. Some kids took the money, turned around and walked away to want money, discovered by guards, put up your hands to play. Sun yat-sen, immediately stop, said: & other; Don’t play, give them! Throughout the &;

& other; Celebration for the individual, it & throughout;

sun yat-sen, simple life, honest self sustaining, rarely talk about private things, never for his birthday. On one occasion, his subordinates ask, when is the birthday of Mr. Sun yat-sen not answer, just said: & other; After the success of the revolution, every day is birthday. Throughout the &;

he xiangning follow sun yat-sen’s revolution more than 20 years, and have never heard of celebrate the birthday, also don’t know which day is the birthday of Mr. Sun. Until the late autumn of 1924, sun yat-sen’s folks & ndash; & ndash; An old lady came over to see him, filed a & other; Tomorrow is your birthday & throughout; Mr, you just know the birthday of the original is on November 12. That year, sun yat-sen’s 60th birthday (nominal age).

everybody wants to birthday for Mr Zhongshan, however, sun yat-sen don’t agree. He said: & other; Celebration for the individual, it is should not. Throughout the &;

as a result, please cook by liao zhongkai etc. Several familiar with comrades in sun yat-sen mansion to do two simple dining tables, just as the birthday feast.

this is the first time that sun yat-sen’s birthday party, and his last birthday. In the second year on March 12, he would have died.

& other; Don’t treat fortune & throughout;

sun yat-sen in its 10 years of revolutionary career, has two terms as President and two former army and navy admiral thrawn, the highest position, power is the largest. But he never abuse power for personal gains, never buy spark for their property. Overseas Chinese see him rush about revolution for decades, but has no fixed residence, then collect money to buy Shanghai Molly love road 29 a house, to Dr. Sun yat-sen. He has repeatedly declined. The overseas Chinese earnestly to persuade, to the living. For revolution, sun yat-sen twice a mortgage, it still after by overseas Chinese to raise money for his redemption. Sun yat-sen died, leaving Mrs Soong ching ling is this set of housing, in addition to this, only half the books. It’s a lifetime revolution, remain uncorrupted. Sun yat-sen was not at home for a little possessions, tsui’s house is his brother Sun Mei capital contribution. Sun yat-sen’s deathbed’s family will cloud: & other; More because of the effort, not fortune, the legacy of books, clothes, housing, etc., all FuWu wife soong ching ling, thought. More than the children have grown up, can stand on its own, hope their treasure, in the Yu Zhi. Throughout the &; IfengLogo Liu Minggang