Super solar storm can cause paralysis the grid solar active summit next year

the latest report of the national academy of sciences, unlike ordinary solar storms, unconventional and other natural disasters; Super solar storm & throughout; Once appear, paralysis of the power supply network, bring huge economic losses.

to build the national power grid in the past decades, aims to provide cheap electricity across regions. Report of the national academy of sciences, super solar storm occurs, magnetic particles from the sun may damage the explosion power grid a total of about 2100 large 300 or more in the high voltage transformer, shut down the entire grid.

report estimates that the super solar storms, the United States about 365 high voltage transformer may be failure or suffer permanent damage, need to change. Replace the size as small houses, weight about 227 tons of transformer is not easy, may need 1 year or longer. During this period, the power losses could be as high as $two trillion. However, the electric power research institute alternatives to replace damaged transformer are presented. According to this scheme, people use a set of three smaller size to replace one transformer, process takes less than a week.

the sun at the present stage is entering called & other; Throughout the solar maximum &; The period of time, activity is expected to peak in 2013.