Survey said the south Korean people dislike most countries first China’s second in Japan

according to “Japan today” reported on August 5, the latest polls show that most don’t like South Korea’s national rankings, Japan was ranked the first, second in China.

investigators Gallup, south Korea (Gallup Chesapeake) on July 14 to July 29, 1500 Korean adults were investigated. The results showed that most south koreans don’t like Japan, the proportion is as high as 44.1%, far higher than 33.4% in 2002. The proportion of south Korean people don’t like China rose to 19.1% from 4.6% in 2002.

Korean people dislike most five countries:


Japan – 44.1%


China – 19.1%

3. North Korea – 11.7%

4. The United States – 4.8%


Iraq – 0.7%

Korean favorite five countries:

1. The United States – 21.5%

2. 19%

3. Swiss – 8%


Canada – 7.4%

5. Britain – 5.1%

Gallup said South Korea, South Korea to the United States and love and hate, but relations between the two countries gradually warming over the past 10 years, south koreans in general like the United States are on the rise. South koreans aversion to Japan is on the rise, due to the territorial dispute between the two countries and & other Throughout the comfort women &; Disputes, relations have been very nervous. If a poll taken in Japan, I am afraid, the proportion of Japanese people hate Korean will be the highest. IfengLogo (Shen Shuhua)