Suzhou grassroots obsession with “civilian fan” ten years grinding sword into master system fan

guo-fu hu said: a good fan without delicate fan rib. See month taken

guo-fu hu said: a good fan without delicate fan rib. See month taken

& other; Without a good fan delicate fan rib & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &; This year early fifties guo-fu hu side carefully fiddling with his own & other; Masterpiece & throughout; , introduces to the reporter that his fans & other Love & throughout; . The fan bone for dozens of years of grassroots people at home, with his own & other; Specializing in & throughout; Su shi, passing on since the Ming and qing dynasty & other; Literati fan & throughout; By the Chinese fan culture, academy award & other; Throughout the first China made fan art master &; The title.

suzhou in the traditional process, Sue fan is a bright spot. Since the Ming and qing dynasties, the yellow house in suzhou area of folding fan, has been loved by literati. Sue is different from hangzhou fan, sichuan and other craft fan, its material is given priority to with bamboo fan rib, commonly known as & lsquo; Water bone & rsquo; , small and exquisite, delicate and pretty and elegant and fine grinding, feel very comfortable. Sector is in fine paper three sets of four alum, commonly known as & lsquo; Old alum & rsquo; , appropriate book to draw. So, su shi & other; Literati fan & throughout; And literati called & other; Sleeve in the porn & throughout; .

as a native of suzhou, in 1979 graduated from high school guo-fu hu replace mother into the fan factory, since the indissoluble bond with a fan. Work guo-fu hu worship famous painter Yang Yunqing for division, specializing in traditional Chinese landscape painting, the specialty is engaged in the sector painting, system copy wu door painting.

guo-fu hu said: & other; A good sector, cannot leave a fine elegant fan rib to match and bearing. Throughout the &; In order to achieve & other; Flow throughout the calligraphy and painting &; The effect of guo-fu hu made of bamboo bone instead of on the market of coarse annatto fan rib. Look in guo-fu hu, bamboo bone is not as good as rosewood mahogany rare, but its material, toughness, strength is more suitable for the fan. A superior bamboo bone fan, like jade smooth and gentle beauty, not to speak of.

1996, as a result of & other; Literati fan & throughout; Obsession with guo-fu hu left the factory, self-made founded home & other; Ku system throughout the studio &; .

from painting sector to do fan rib, although fan is engaged in the industry, but are very different things. In order to find good model, guo-fu hu through a large number of data, walked into the museum, antique shops, antique market, looking for the su shi ya fan since the Ming and qing dynasties, systematic research. He first performed with ordinary ferula bask in yellow, puller, according to data modeling, and then to burnish, fire work, finally iron nail.

& other; Sue the modelling of a lot, but have in common is: must be tall and smooth lines, arc must be natural and comfortable. Fan head with horse teeth, dovetail, GongFang, round head, as the main French, but no matter what French, a tunnel of su shi fan rib, must be from the same back to the fan head, like nature itself. Throughout the &;

& other; To achieve this realm, talk easy! Throughout the &; Guo-fu hu, told reporters in all sorts of modelling, dovetail with round head most difficult, it is difficult to grasp the general system of fan artists. Perfect Sue fan slightly narrow at both ends and the middle micro drum, full, a flow line. Fan rib after polishing is smooth as a mirror, can open and close at hand.

nothing in the world is difficult if you put your heart into it. After ten years of efforts, guo-fu hu fan system level by the market recognition. His 12 Sue went into the auction house, was a unexpected success. From suzhou to Beijing, from liulichang to a: rongbaozhai, guo-fu hu with a homemade fan rib, let counterparts, collectors, calligraphy and painting famous advice, and then gradually improved. By 2007, guo-fu hu has a minor celebrity in Beijing. In 2008 a new version of a dream of red mansions, guo-fu hu was the film crew invited as the prop fan of guidance and supervision, and su shi for diaoyutai state guesthouse gift company produced 40 & other; Literati fan & throughout; As a country gift giving.

in 2010, guo-fu hu was recommended to join & other; The fan art society of China & throughout; . In October the same year, guo-fu hu in China first street & ndash; & ndash; & ndash; Qianmen street held personal exhibition. At the opening ceremony, each collectors, scholars and artists were invited to. Experts believe that guo-fu hu su fan fully inherited the Ming and qing dynasties & other; Literati fan & throughout; Characteristics, namely, refined, elegant, Jane, beauty, its craft level is quite high, was awarded & other; Fan art senior craft & throughout; The title.

in 2011, guo-fu hu again invited to by & other; The fan art society of China & throughout; Held in Beijing think & other; First Beijing fans throughout the cultural art festival & red bridge; . Guo-fu hu took out eight Sue fan participation. After the panel several rounds of strict selection and assessment, was named & other; Throughout the first China made fan art master &; The title of honor.

guo-fu hu in joy, also showed a trace of melancholy. & other; Sue fan, as a cultural name card of suzhou, dried up, because Sue fan made dozens of process all done by hand, almost no young people want to learn. I can only do a year LiuQiShiBa fan rib, quantity too little. Compared to inherit to the fan and su embroidery and jade carving, and more narrow, farther, more responsibility, really is a long way to go. Throughout the &; Guo-fu hu said.