Sylvie ‘mance: top surrealism photography masters (FIG.)

a few years ago the international art fair in cologne, silvio – ‘mance (Sylvie zijlmans) of a large number of works are dealers from harlan QinYa & middot; Mr Puff (Tanya Rumpff) of each sold for 7000 euros.

silvio – ‘mance works

the top photographers, painters, sculptors, painting artists, Paris photo off curators, director of the museum Boijmans van beaning & hellip; A series of shining title Dutch, took a lot in the past five years can not use words to describe personal photographs and a lot of mysterious magical world. Bacteria swim between the table, for example, smoke issued from the bottle glass and glass & hellip; The surreal photographs blurred the boundaries between the real and the unreal, as if only exists in a virtual space.

by the method of reversal film silvio make photos are enhanced sharpness and tension, impact of seeing people’s imagination. In a photograph, the dumping of the plates and complete food wonderful contrast, and when it was placed in the water, and makes the water penetration of the light from the side to have a wonderful, like the Milky Way of the universe. This picture dissolved we for dinner daily impression, black background makes it much more unpredictable, replaced by a kind of feeling only needs no talk.

with mann – compared with Philip ‘hall, silvio style closer to Henry & middot; Cartier & middot; Cartier-bresson (Henri Cartier Bresson), picture he works & other; though it is Documentary & throughout; , but only to materialized photographer awareness campaign moment in the mind of art symbols. His creative tend to & other; Psychological liberalization & throughout; And pure intuition performance, through the free association, freely, casually, loosely, not controlled by the logic of creation, but not completely are & other; Imagine the rambling, the feelings of gratuitous jump, disorderly deposits of bizarre image & throughout; . Through the pile, together, restructuring, and in the picture images will be out of shape, creating a surreal between reality and fantasy, concrete and abstract of & other; Artistic state & throughout; . With Henry & middot; Cartier & ndash; Cartier-bresson’s words, & other; This is a natural pleasure, is the activity, at a certain moment in time and space of gathering & throughout; .

surrealist art stems from a French writer he le east (Andre Breton) published in 1924, the declaration of surrealism. He wrote in the declaration: & other; Surrealism is a kind of pure spirit of human unconscious activity. People can use whether oral, written, or other ways to express the real process & ndash; & ndash; Without any control, rational and without any prejudice in aesthetics and morality of the free movement of thought. Throughout the &; Thus, Bergson is the philosophical basis of the schools of art (Henri Bergson) of intuition and Freud (session with Sigmund Freud) of psychoanalysis. In their view, the most true feeling only in the subconscious and dream. Therefore, human subconscious activities, a sudden inspiration, psychopathic and fantasy world, all art is his vast heaven and earth.

surrealism photography since not to record reality as own duty, so the physical nature of the work nor are they in original intention in the objective world, each object is as a kind of visual symbols and images appear, surrealism photography household to make these symbols for & other; Image sentences & throughout; , and this & other; Image sentences & throughout; It is difficult to can be translated into & other; Language sentence & throughout; , this sentence also tend to contain a kind of mood, a wisp of poetry, some emotional, and some political implications, the implied meaning is surreal artistic charm.

compared with foreign flourish of surrealism, the development of China’s photography surrealism is not smooth, mostly in & other; Imitation of surrealism photography & throughout; Or & other Pseudo surrealism photography & throughout; In the form of the sylvie works exhibited in Dali international video conference, will no doubt create a new development direction of domestic surrealist photography.