Syria 18 picture Homer ancient paintings stolen in ancient Greece

Syria’s culture minister lu bana & middot; MuShaWei said on the 17th, the northeast region of at least 18 Mosaic mural of Homer’s epic “content” in ancient Greece were stolen.

MuShaWei 17 October daily Syrian media interview, an archaeological site in the northeast by illegal mining, 18 mural paintings stolen. & other; We got the news, these murals now (being smuggled to Syria and Lebanon border. Throughout the &;

MuShaWei also confirmed that a central hama province museum of an ancient alam gold-plated bronze statues were stolen.

the Syrian conflict in March 2011, continues today. Many people worry about archaeology, fierce fighting and security situation worse damage archaeological sites and lead to an increase in theft cultural relics.

MuShaWei says, is to protect the roughly 10000 archaeological sites, the ministry of culture is facing a big problem. She insisted that the country museum to get & other; Proper protection & hellip; & hellip; Those for mankind’s most valuable collections have been collected and stored in a secure location & throughout; .

there are 6 Syria accredited by the United Nations education, scientific and cultural organization world heritage, including Damascus and aleppo city, palmyra ruins, booth knights of old, castles, saladin, north castle ruins and ancient villages. UNESCO had called on Syria to conflicting parties to protect ancient ruins.