Taipei city will launch a “gender friendly toilets” can be a unisex

Beijing, March 17 (Taipei city in Taiwan, and established by the civil affairs bureau population policy & other; Comrade & throughout; (gay), the window of the business, city across the board on a regular basis and gender groups. In addition, the city is also planning to planning & other; Gender friendly toilets throughout the &; .

Taipei city civil affairs bureau chief bamboo ping said, is a unisex bathroom & other; Gender friendly toilets throughout the &; Meaning, no special design requirements or facilities, is to make & other; Boys and girls do not need to be classified & throughout; . But more importantly, the toilet is not sexual physiological needs to respect.

Taipei city the year before last November has letter went & other; Taipei city government, creating an environment of friendly comrade implementation plan & throughout; Every six months, with & other; Comrade & throughout; Groups associated with gender equality experts hold a meeting, from the community, education, health care, workplace environment and so on various aspects to improve comrades. The meeting also get a lot of advice.

the new university has set the gender friendly toilets cause for concern, the ministry of civil affairs has also widely collected city government agencies public toilets in planning, and died at the university of new experience, hope to find a demonstration site in two years, launch & other; Official version & throughout; The gender of the friendly toilets.

bamboo ping said, had sex association report, more than 30 years old female comrade, famous for appearance look like men, often get the eye on the lady’s room, cause the women often full bladder whole, kidney died earlier this year.

guo mother said her daughter read elementary school like girls, they knew that they were transgender when he grows up. 18, when he was 19 years old daughter dressed neutral, when the lady’s room was clean the aunt as men, even of alarm processing. Guo mother advised daughter change on the men’s room, surprisingly & other Then there is no misunderstanding & throughout; .