Taiwan intersex go sun life was not sure who they are (FIG.)

from Taiwan intersex QiuAiZhi, stumbled on the way the male than female decades, eventually found entourage and establish men don’t do women don’t do, only do own the road.

according to Hong Kong’s Ming pao reported, QiuAiZhi, a feminine name, id card on gender for & other; Female & throughout; . She didn’t flat-chested, menstruation, but nuclear skeleton thick, long beard and throat. Junior middle school three grade, he held records according to the doctor scrawled verification of nouns in English one by one, first read the words ─ ─ & other; Hermaphrodite” ─ ─ Chinese translation & other; Hermaphrodite & throughout; . & other; I don’t when the monster, but I have what way? Throughout the &; He lost and can’t identify himself as male is female, their hidden deep. Until an other epicene, finally understand: don’t do men don’t do women, & other; Be yourself & throughout; .

& other; Was not sure who they are & throughout;

QiuAiZhi born different, the doctor found her uterus, ovaries and complete, parents today make decision: the doctor suggested to the child is a girl. At the age of 6 he accepted gender corrective surgery to remove the penis. Love cheese don’t know the story, but also when the scar under belly is cutting trace of the cecum.

love cheese secondary school feel strange. When a female classmate breast development, menstruation comes, but he grow a beard and throat. When he read their own different from medical records and obscure not language, but parents think this is the secret of can’t touch. & other; So I have been waiting, waiting to become a real woman. Throughout the &;

girlfriend too like men forsake

he expected no coming, & other; I can not have children, not grown up girls look & throughout; . Consciousness is & other; Don’t complete the girl & throughout; , promise to love him, never read romance novels, & other; Can’t find yourself on the inside, the role of the generation into a boy or a girl? Not sure who they are & throughout; .

he tried to wear women’s clothing, long hair, & other; But like she-males girls throughout the &; . The most embarrassing is the women’s treated as & other; Dress up as a woman & throughout; And go on to the men’s room. Mentality, & other; I get along with the girls is more like a boy, get along with boys and more like a girl & throughout; , in a dilemma, at a loss.

when he later choose & other; Lesbian & throughout; Break up, fall in love after 10 years, each other mercilessly say: & other; Because you’re too like boys! Throughout the &; He devastated, thinks he & other; Do the TB (Tomboy, namely the masculine female) didn’t also qualification, can’t find his position. Throughout the &;

“& other; Chinese version & throughout; Intersex groups

, 38, he ran back to the campus institute read biotics, continue to ask & other; Who am I? Throughout the &; In the male than female bumps on the road, within the institute to meet & other Peer & throughout; ─ ─ movies with a hermaphrodite. “I’m a girl and boy.” & other; I’m not alone! Oh! Not monsters & throughout; He almost screamed, inspired, & other; I don’t choose a gender, why don’t you be yourself? Throughout the &;

he intersex international contact, & other; Some bisexual person can live very sunshine, some very melancholy, I decided to pick the sun! Throughout the &; He deep Ming intersex to embrace their most difficult and founded international intersex groups & other; Chinese version & throughout; Today, he will share sex culture festival in Hong Kong, only hope to help more peer find each other. & other; Want to talk more, know yourself, there are many kinds of form, gender is not only the male and female two kinds. Don’t be afraid of himself. Don’t love yourself, others will not love you! & throughout;