Taiwan “poem magic” rove: talk about poetry of this age seems a little inappropriate


rove works “cigarettes” cover

poets in Taiwan, and carried the two names are always linked together, we call them & other; The literary binary & throughout; In the mainland, but in the face of peotry sentiment, the same year born love always appear some lonely. Actually in academia, rove splendor has long been known, he is known as & other The best and the most powerful poet & throughout; , because of its poetry works near the magic, and technique of expression was given & other The poem magic & throughout; The title of; The anthology of contemporary Chinese top ten poet will rove rated as China’s top ten poets first, in 2001, a three thousand lines long poem rove with “drift” nominated for the Nobel Prize for literature.

Core tip:

on November 26, 2011, for a long time did not appear in the mainland of rove came to nanjing, to promote his new book, the undercurrent of the river and the smoke outside, had no sooner sat down, in the face of his is & other; Yu guangzhong and rove & throughout; The timeless topic, for such questions, rove has evidently accustomed to, he said: & other; I know you love say what we & lsquo; Twin & rsquo; With him, but I just know, there is no going back and forth between each other, so I no evaluation to him, he seemed to be nothing to me. This is some kind of balance. Throughout the &;

in 1949, the Taiwan army command training enrollment students in hunan, 21, mo rove with & other; Chuang world & throughout; Ambition, signed up for the exam, and smoothly passed the assessment, then asked to embedded in Taiwan. Because in such a hurry, even have no time to inform mother, young love alone went on a trip to Taiwan.

first & other; Exile & throughout; , always lost mother

after he went to Taiwan, sent home a letter, home mother know son has went to Taiwan, mother wrote in reply: & other; His tickets are for you, you come back quickly. Throughout the &; And that a return journey, waiting for 40 years, the mother couldn’t wait for the return of the son.

in 1988, will reach the love finally returned to his hometown, is to meet his mother’s grave and weeds, his mother had died seven years ago. He said: & other This is the first time in my life & lsquo; Exile & rsquo; This time, & lsquo; Exile & rsquo; Let me lost mother forever. Throughout the &; In honor of his deceased mother, love to write long poem blood the reprint, the poem in Taiwan at that time had been told at that time.

& other; I am just want to fly throughout the chimney &; , love once wrote these words in the poem. Fed by his dream fly, is bing xin’s prose “send young readers”, the book of love decision plays an important role in the future. Book description about the sea, let since the childhood living in the inland, have never seen the sea rove vision, from then on, he planted in his mind a dream about ocean.

and the life in Taiwan, is far more than he imagined to be romantic and interesting. In a foreign land without friends love, the mood is very depressed, & other; Heart no place, have a kind of desperate feeling & throughout; .

in order to do, he when off old suit, watches and bicycles

until 1954, when he found his & other; Outlet & throughout; , and also love literature and art of zhang mo, 痖弦 poetry founded the genesis, and editor of more than 20 years, has become one of the landmark publication of Chinese modern poetry, the influence to the development of Taiwan and mainland China modern poetry.

at the beginning of the founded, because funds nervous, they are three host often & other With this month to change back the money in the pawn shop to print magazine, next month, such as hair wages to pawn throughout redemptive things &; . He still remember the first time he felt to pawn, & other; In before, I was looking around to see, afraid to meet acquaintances, such as confirmation slip through when nobody & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &; For the first time, he when a wear for years old suit, and then after another in the watches, bicycles, furniture & hellip; & hellip;

when memories, love show obviously want to stay, he said, the material conditions of scarce s poetry rather easy to grow and popular, but in today’s such a full materialization, digital, the era of science and technology, and other Talk about the poem seems a little inappropriate. Throughout the &;