Taiwan s ghost weddings: the man must marry late engagement to the bride

r to the groom, was the first doll bride, in the left side is the bride (reality, to the bride’s sister).

ghost weddings, reached marriageable age unmarried men and women and the dead, by its higher memorial tablet for marry object of customs. Marry god card, there are three kinds of situations, one to for unmarried women’s higher card to marry a strange man; Secondly, after engagement, the woman born into, the Lord card married the man; 3 for the engagement of men and women both dead, the two sides of higher brand wedding.

the practice of early Taiwan believe that as long as men and women both parties engaged, marital relationship is set up, so if the woman to first, man must marry the woman god. But if the man to first, is completely in accordance with the free will of the woman, can choose married the man & other; Grass widow & throughout; Or an alternate object, no interference.

this is more than half a century ago to record a group of ghost weddings the scene photos, present to the past and today is still in the countryside from the custom, and reflects the social psychology, more understanding and independent judgment.