Taiwan writer bai xianyong: guilin rice noodles is my “full of nostalgia”

living abroad more than 40 years, guangxi famous Taiwan writer bai xianyong said he came back to guilin is three meals a day to eat rice noodles, and eat five two each time. & other; I also do not have enough to eat more, I am full of nostalgia & throughout; . He says this kind of homesickness was born.

on May 22 solstice 26, bai xianyong was invited back to hometown in guilin, organised by the guangxi normal university & other; In the 1930 s in guangxi construction & throughout; Academic seminar.

was born in 1937 in guilin, father is the kuomintang generals, bai xianyong moved to chongqing, with his family at the age of 6 then moved to Hong Kong, Taiwan, the United States and other places. Until 1993, when he has not come back guilin.

this is bai xianyong fifth back to hometown. He said every time back, & other; Throughout all the memory back &; .

these days, walking on the streets of the city center, bai xianyong can still clearly remember this is the cross, that he often went to school when he was a road.

on May 25, the China news agency reporter interview, bai xianyong to the six or seven guilin street, the name of the mountain. Conversation will come up to a word or two from time to time the pure guilin dialect. He used words explained that guilin & other Regional accents throughout not to change &; .

remember, for my hometown guilin in bai xianyong “RongJi flower bridge”, “big gold grandma”, “the jade xuan” and many other works, you can find the shadow of guilin.

& other; Guilin massif is a part of my creation. Throughout the &; Bai xianyong admitted that it is a subconscious, he thought of a person’s regional culture has an indelible contribution. And he said, & other; I Muse when writing, reading the newspaper is guilin. Throughout the &;

in 1965, bai xianyong to teaching Chinese language and literature at the university of California, Santa Barbara, and settled there. Bai xianyong, said that he lived in the United States is also a mountain, with a bit like guilin. While living abroad more than 40 years, bai xianyong is truth, there is no strong hometown feelings.

& other; What the hell is exotic, what is different. Throughout the &;

bai xianyong said he and his family for decades are communicate in guilin dialect, smile and said he and other Occasionally dreaming will say a word or two in guilin. Throughout the &;

in 2004, the collection of creative designers, produced in the bai xianyong teamed up to build the youth edition of “the peony pavilion” in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai and other places, and houses, known as China’s cultural history of the event.

these days, the 75 – year – old bai xianyong is traveling around the world dedicated to the protection and inheritance of kunqu opera.

boasts & other; Kunqu opera volunteer & throughout; Of bai xianyong, said he had spent so much greater effort to promote kunqu opera, the purpose is to restore national traditional culture, through the carrier of kunqu opera, for today’s young people to see the charm of traditional culture. & other; Our traditional culture is my real hometown, the conversion of the spirit and soul. Throughout the &;