Taiwan writer however: writers were both affectionate and ruthless

I love long keyed spicy

& other; I don’t love so spicy, spicy; Long spicy is keyed love, day after day, the time in the warm love. Throughout the &; However talk about love, regardless of whether they are green, boys and girls are already white-haired old man, eyes are always with a gentle light, this is the charm of it, let the life of people in order to get it over, let go on the road of writing pen writers to utter it and the end of life. Can be the gut-wrenching but make people linger feelings, but not everyone is good at it, as jin yong said: & other; You should ask however about love. Throughout the &;

in the literary world after three years later, a few days ago, however with the new “my love so spicy hot” appears in people’s eyes, her words still, she’s the love is still like a feast, and the difference is that the protagonist is 80 after two young people love, but their love is built by letters rather than email in order to regain lost already a long time of emotion. Two stars across the mountains and the heart of the collision, in however, was so warm and spicy.

recently, accepted our reporter’s interview however, talked about her change in writing, her attitude towards love, concise words, however still believe in love, the life is no more demanding, in writing, is still trying to look for yourself the most satisfactory work has yet to appear.

writers are both affectionate ruthless

the bread tree’s woman “, “three women A Cup”, “I love you in the cloud”, “never never say goodbye” and so on, will however name synonymous with almost equal to the love, as if only she write love is so beautiful, but in her new book I love so spicy, however the eye not only favor the love, also visited the family. In such a shift, however the style as well as some of the changes and a challenge to myself writing.

reporter: your new book I love so spicy, still looking for love, the writer must be a lot of love?

however, writers were both affectionate and heartless? If not sentimental, not likely to fall in love with writing, but also because of relentless, so will keep away yesterday, hope every book also is not the same as before. I’ve been exploring and change, never liked to follow a fixed route. The joy of writing is to can not stick to one pattern, powerful and unconstrained style; There is no can’t write stories, only good and bad. Writing the pain was the same, want, want to challenge myself and surpass myself, not stick to one always with themselves, that is in the consumption of life.