Taiwan’s famous poet of wenshan resembles the Terra Cotta Warriors Netizens call through (FIG.)

wenshan: do you think we like? Lines (design)

yesterday, jay Chou fang wenshan’s gold partner, Taiwan famous poets and on a personal weibo show a photo half kneeling form the Terra Cotta Warriors, face expression and is similar to the case. Fang wenshan gain & other; Through & throughout; More than 2200 years, and joke: & other; No wonder my right knee has for years been dull ache & throughout; . This net friend a surprise call through, & other; Really not PS? Throughout the &; & other; Incredible, in ancient times there is a same myself and the person, across or rebirth? You must be a musician in the qin dynasty. Throughout the &; & other; It is no wonder that word write so good, influenced by Chinese style deeply! Throughout the &; At press time, the microblogging has been forwarded comments nearly 70000.

west China metropolis daily reporter XunChao