Taiwan’s female tide “incoming: women work late marriage” marry “(figure)

30 s of the Phebe (right), Monica, Maomi, have their own work, economic independence, three people think when & other; Wins female & throughout; Very good, often meet enjoy & other; Wins female & throughout; Coffee time. Taiwan’s “united daily news figure

& other; Who says that women have to marry a man, I would have to marry Mr. Job (work)! Throughout the &; Gender equality of the society, the workplace & other; Strong man with a weak woman & throughout; Ecological changes, according to the survey, Taiwan workplace high-paying, highly educated, & other Marry & throughout; To work late marriage & other; Wins female & throughout; More and more.

now degree is high, the economic independence, women can work recently, Taiwan & other; On the project throughout the &; Survey, women late marriage phenomenon more and more common, 25 to 49 years old, unmarried women delay marriage is 5.5% for work.

pingtung university of education education administrative institute, Jane ChengXi pointed out that this group of highly educated, economic power, thinking, independent and able to take care of other people’s work and other Wins female & throughout; Phenomenon, overturn previously women & other; 30 alarm & throughout; The concept of & other; The definition of marriageable age, will rethink. Throughout the &;

& other; We are & lsquo; Wins female & rsquo; , not & lsquo; Leftover women & rsquo; Throughout the &; . 39 Wang Shiping said, in a private company, & other; I had the chance to marry! Throughout the &; Work she said let her get a sense of accomplishment, boyfriend, hope she change a easy work after getting married, she thought for a long time, relationship of emergency & other; Calling card & throughout; With the work.

as long as the work, she will be healthy and energetic, the holiday overtime as a date, a colleague smile said she take charge of the office, the boss when the in-laws and attended, the colleague family care; Not only work on the big or small, even the birthday party, Christmas dinner, she also prepare for, is the most competent office & other; Daughter-in-law & throughout; .

Jiang Jiaping director-general pingtung county green energy industry association for the advancement of communication also & other; Wins female members & throughout; And she said marriage this matter & other; Settling & throughout; , not married is the only life state and selection.

the personnel department of pingtung county government revenue to undertake unmarried colleagues fellowship li-ke zhang in the past, he watch over the age of 30, girls often unpopular but now & other thirty-five years of age or older; Wins female & throughout; , because of the relatively mature, financially independent, is very popular in the fellowship activities.

said 32-year-old Huang Zhenlin engaged in services, and other Wins female & throughout; Give a person feel independent, work place first, place the second feelings, & other; Dating – women not on call at any time, more comfortable & throughout; , but the relative nerve-racking is & other; It is difficult to grasp & throughout; .

Jane ChengXi pointed out that to & other; Wins female & throughout; Replace & other; Leftover women & throughout; , it is more positive idea; Sometime in life, don’t choose marriage, does not represent the future won’t walk into marriage, some people, up to the age and to find true love, & other; We should respect the diversity of life planning. Throughout the &;