“Taiwan’s most respected the black sheep of his family” push the kunqu opera also superman clown fish

& other; Bo is a pure heart free soul. Throughout the &; Old friends he once said of him.

Xu Bo allow wife FanManNong is flute godmother in Taiwan.

Xu Bo allow for office & other; New like & throughout; To promote cultural exchanges at selling off property

~ October 30, on August 1, & other; The father of the clown fish nemo & throughout; Pixar animation exhibition 25 years to contemporary art museum in Shanghai. Pixar dynamic exhibition of modern art in New York in the United States at the end of 2005 (MoMA) for the first time to see the world, this year will be the first visit to the mainland, the mainland tour of the curator’s cultural exchanges with China Taiwan super driver, &, said the other; Taiwan’s three major cultural pillar & throughout; One of the new chairman Xu Bo done as promotion activity center.

he worked for Taiwan & other; Cloud gate dance theater & throughout; Almost all the music in the early stage works; His music works on the world stage has played more than 2000 times; Its creation & other; New like & throughout; Literature and art market in many first in Taiwan, ma ying-jeou called set-up the Taiwanese international vision and art taste. That year to run & other; New like & throughout; , Xu Bo done several times to sell house hundreds of millions of nt, and thus won & other; Taiwan’s most respected throughout the black sheep of his family &; The title.