Taiyuan 50 school pupils in hanfu outfit to read Chinese classics

10, taiyuan, shanxi 50 primary school party performing traditional sinology classic read more than 500 students. Event, students wearing hanfu read classical Chinese study, the red army uniforms, etc all kinds of clothing.

it is understood that the choice of the entrant to read the content both the analects of Confucius “disciple gauge” classic “embedded” and so on, also has the tang poetry, song ci, and even a classic masterpiece “patio spring & middot; snow”.

on the same day, 50 elementary school in taiyuan city to participate in national studies classics reading activities. On the choice of performance clothing, and work hard in school. Both, I crown of hanfu, also has a blue pants blue binding his red army uniform, and the tang suit.

in the performance form, each school is different style. Taiyuan city after creek elementary school in the form of KuaiBanShu, music singing, to deduce “embedded”; Taiyuan normal third affiliated primary school teachers in high shoe, the hanfu, Dai E crowns, led a group of young, bobbing in the form of the teachers and students. Answer the analects of Confucius.

the taiyuan city children’s palace said, let the students read the classics, aims to cultivate the soul, to develop its mind. Through reading classic, lets the student feel national culture has a long history, & other; The children grew up with sage, walk with the classic, will the heart notes, wise words and exemplary conduct. Throughout the &;

it is understood that in recent years, taiyuan, the competent department of education, school, scholars and other people from all walks of life to many classic recitation. At present, taiyuan temple are the already gradually into a custom, that autumn.