Take the initiative to leave his woman: Picasso love mainly possess rather than giving

s years nearly JiuXun tayloe in a speech in New York


s tayloe with Picasso lived together, often fraught world

Picasso side never lack of women, they worshipped him, and obsession with him, and bowing to him, but not to end well, not a mental breakdown, is suicide, but francoise & middot; Gilroy broke this & other; The spell & throughout; .

today, gilroy were nearly JiuXun years, still energetic, the thought is agile. Recently, she told the Sunday times in the home in New York, tells the story between she and Picasso little-known.

with Picasso lived together for 10 years and have two children, francoise & middot; Quick to take the initiative to choose to leave & other; This powerful monsters & throughout; . She enjoy Picasso’s talent, but never give in to his strength.


& other; He thought he was god & throughout;

gilroy said: & other; I am the only man alive can tell these past. Look at the other women had been beside him, Mary – therese and Jacqueline committed suicide, Olga hysteria, on the verge of collapse, DORA & middot; Omar is crazy. Throughout the &; She is the woman 1932 Picasso painting model.

when he was 21 years old, she and Picasso met, when she was a law student in Paris, at the same time engaged in painting and writing, while Picasso has been 61 years old. & other; And he together is awesome, gorgeous like fireworks. He has unparalleled creativity, full of wisdom, glamour infinite. As long as he has interest, can make the stone with his melody dance. Throughout the &;

tayloe recalled, & other; But at the same time, he is also very harsh and cruel, ruthless, whether to yourself or to others. He thought he was god, but he is not, which annoyed him. Throughout the &;

was born in a middle-class family tayloe very independent at an early age. She likes when he had to say no to Picasso model, because she don’t want to be in his life & other; Gilroy stage & throughout; Like previous many women. Gilroy said: & other; How will I know that a new model after Picasso destroyed before a woman. Throughout the &;

when Picasso lose interest in a woman, will be cruel to demonize her image in the painting. Such as he had painted a razor wife Olga teeth shape, shape distortion, and the background is 17 new stunner Mary – Thai contacted enchanting lithe and graceful figure.

gilroy says, other women’s tragedy is that they are very happy to meet Picasso as a model for their own creation, all the day long thought is very important, in fact, & other; Picasso even in a picture of a woman image, and on his own. All of his paintings are throughout his life diaries &; .

tayloe with Picasso lived together for 10 years, from 1943 to 1943, had two children Claude and lockheed Martin. When she decided on & other; Be destroyed before & throughout; With children leave, Picasso warned: & other; No one will leave me such a man. Throughout the &;