Talk show host of Egypt on suspicion of insulting the President sentenced to four months

reporter Zhao Xiaoxia

according to Taiwan & other; The central radio & throughout; On October 22, Egyptian TV talk show host oqa sand (Tawfiq Okasha) for alleged insult President mursi (Mohamed Morsi), was sentenced to four months in prison.

it is reported that the oqa filed the residents of Michael ghazi (Nasr, El Din Mahmoud Maghazy) told Reuters, said the mursi’s & other; Throughout all the Egyptian President &; , insult mursi are like insult to the whole country. However, details about oqa insult mursi sand is unclear.

court in southern Egypt, according to people familiar with the card in the pay sand 100 Egyptian pounds ($16.39) after the bail, can put forward to appeal.

the kasha is Egypt’s private ferrari because of television’s boss, he is closely associated with the era of former President hosni mubarak security officials, and on the radio anti-islam sarcastic comments. Oqa sand previously in a talk show hosted by what he said, Moore and his associates should be killed.

the Egyptian prosecutors have ordered a ferrari for TV stations to stop broadcasting, however, the court, 20, said ferrari for broadcast television station can be restored.