Talk Ye Zhaoyan llosa: miss for a reading of the past age

Ye Zhaoyan talk llosa

miss of a past era of reading

llosa came, author will go soon, if we don’t have to touch his text, therefore, the elderly without reviewing history, young and don’t want to read, he may be white to really.

the train to Shanghai, have been thinking about it, off and on the activity of today and what to say. Mr Llosa to come to China, the latest winner of the Nobel Prize, will meet with the zeal of Chinese readers. The media already, I have never been a man of good at words, especially don’t like to speak in public, since famous for out of the past, today is sure to say a few words.

I know will be a very lively scene, raining outside, large and small hot and cold, the typical jiangnan meiyu season. On the meeting, before the official start of the activity, I met many friends, have to the Ann, Chen Cunlai, xiao bao, poet Wang Yinlai, Li Qingxi couple had come from. These familiar friends let a person feel kind, I suddenly realized that is about to begin the literary party will become a literary anecdotes, is let’s together again in the name of the literature.

I realized almost immediately, we meet here, doesn’t mean the main hand a Nobel Prize. There is no doubt that if there is no this famous award, we these people will certainly come, because we all have read his novels, we like the writer. In fact, this activity has already begun preparing as early as a year ago, at that time, no one would think llosa get the Nobel Prize for literature, the publisher nor the bet he will win this prize.

if someone don’t believe me, you can search on the Internet. A year and a half ago, author of the new book has just launched, I had written recommendation book reviews. Is at the same time, press told me that they are not only published llosa series of works, and he will be invited to China, for him to do a series of propaganda. The news about llosa China in the future, as early as the time reports.

it is clear that if there is no Nobel Prize for literature, this activity will be held on schedule still today. Obviously, if there is no this prize, lively of the activity can be discounted.

1 Mr Llosa played, applause, lights, voice, and everything was not unexpected, completely like a big party. Plan, dew and the sun will be as a guest, I played a dialogue with the author. Dew in the hectic situation, obviously than I, he, like llosa in a suit, no tie, formal and casual.

before the dialogue is a recitation, large section of the Chinese reading, place in a small theater theater academy, standard mandarin, musical cadence. Can’t say not read well, should say is very good, very regular, very college, but always a bit antipathetic, too much maybe pirated DVDS, I have become accustomed to the soundtrack of the subtitle, more like the original.

next, finally the author turn, finally heard the sound of his voice, the voice of the reality. Llosa for audience to recite the long bar, we don’t understand what he was saying, understand don’t understand is not important. We are more willing to listen to the sound, perhaps this is everybody here today, the purpose of, after all, this is the original. There is no doubt that the author of reading is the most wonderful a fragment in the activity today, lucky enough to hear, see, enough.

I couldn’t recall what I said, a little nervous, not because the face of the master, more not because of the Nobel Prize. In public, I are worthless, the brain will not work. Prepared a lot of things, forget, suddenly don’t want to say. Maybe, this is the meaning of writing, because with the help of a pen, or with the aid of computer, can we put in words the spark of thought fixed down, let fall full black on white paper. Obviously, the writer can be a writer, is not he would say, but he can write.

I the author expressed his gratitude, I told him, in the face of world literature, Chinese writer is always modest, our parents, their parents, the parents, the outstanding works of foreign literature, always with a modest learning attitude. I didn’t say, he is the first that I saw living Nobel Prize writer, although that is the case. I don’t have to congratulate him, praise and praise, saying how great he is. As one of the latest winner, he was among the flowers and applause, will get extraordinary courtesy in China. As a writer, he has won the honor of too much.