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see this device is easy to think of tang dynasty, to make a lot of new things during his administration. The famous & other; Money will & throughout; Is the invention of the xuan zong. Process is like this: the emperor on the chang ‘an bear tianmen lok entertained minister, meanwhile to downstairs scatters money as a reward, allow book door of more than five product officer and the department above officer with the doctrine of the competition. The scene Zhang Hu wrote in the imperial secretary back poem: & other; Long said doors on the banquet, the current downstairs to pick up the money. Throughout the &; To attend the emperor feast is a great honor, can be more than five items is official noble, but to compete for money what a scandal over? Want the pomp and embarrassing scene.

& other; Money & throughout; What kind? Archaeological finds for the first time in HeGu Village heritage treasure in the cash & other; Kaiyuan TongBao & throughout; 30 pieces, these money like copper kaiyuan TongBao format manufacturing quality, 2.14 2.5 cm in diameter, 0.15 cm thick, weighs 6.6 ~ 8.36 grams. Positive regular script & other; Kaiyuan TongBao & throughout; , there is no word on the back. Gold & other; Kaiyuan TongBao & throughout; The past was known in the literature, only HeGu Village found so far is the only one. These gold kaiyuan TongBao unearthed in a silver box, box and drugs, jewelry, etc., these articles are written in the lid of the internal and external wall and the mentioned money wrote: & other; True yellow money 30. Throughout the &; Ink book writing with physical controls that tang dynasty will be gold & other; Kaiyuan TongBao & throughout; Called & other; True yellow throughout money &; .

money in literature, there is no direct say & other; True yellow throughout money &; Or gold & other; Kaiyuan TongBao & throughout; , but could be called & other; Money & throughout; Mainly by kaiyuan TongBao, & other; True yellow throughout money &; Should be known. Money will not be currency, but the use is widespread. Palace make-up often play the game of throwing money. “Don’t” kaiyuan: & other; Ming emperor and concubines in calyx downstairs to throw money, near and far, for line, its yuan to throw to the ground, with an ancient king as reward, this lane of effect. Throughout the &; To say the rules of the game, but also attracted the emperor to participate in, and nowhere more precious gold as the winner’s reward.

in palace or even money & other; Money betting on bedroom & throughout; . & other; Ming emperor without concubine of palace concubines, throw money bet shi emperor lay, with QinZhe wins, called into the concubines, and hence the play. Throughout the &; There’s still a & other; in the tang dynasty palace Wash the son & throughout; Customs that babies born three days or after the full moon for its wash, guests want gifts of gold and silver money at this time. IfengLogo JiDongFang